23 professions for those who want to live a life traveling – Meu Valor Digital

23 professions for those who want to live a life traveling – Meu Valor Digital
23 professions for those who want to live a life traveling – Meu Valor Digital

For travel lovers, the idea of ​​being confined to the same office every day is almost an affront to the adventurous spirit. The monotonous routine, where getaways are limited to weekends, vacations or holidays, can be a dilemma for those who dream of constantly exploring new horizons.

However, there is a revolution underway in the professional world, where some careers offer the unique opportunity to travel across the country or even the globe while working. This scenario encompasses professions that require constant travel for work, those that make it possible to carry out tasks remotely over the internet, and also those that open doors to temporary jobs in different countries.

It is the promise of migrating from one destination to another, breaking barriers and bringing a breath of newness to the work routine. Let’s explore the professions that transform the world into a vast office, where adventure is intertwined with the professional journey.

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23 professions for traveling

The office routine, with its fixed hours and walls that delimit the daily journey, can seem like a prison for those who love traveling. However, there are professions that challenge this norm, offering the freedom to explore new destinations while doing the job.

1. Tourism

Working as a tour guide is a dream for many travelers. Although this involves responsibilities such as putting together itineraries and planning trips, some international companies, such as Contiki, Geckos Adventures and Intrepid Travel, offer the opportunity to explore different cities and countries.

2. Freelance Programmer

Freelance programmers have the advantage of working remotely from anywhere with a good internet connection. By developing websites and systems, these professionals can meet the demands of agencies and companies, using platforms such as Workana, Freelancer and Fiverr.

3. Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are tasked with providing support to passengers during flights. With the ability to deal with the public and without fear of flying, this profession allows you to travel to various cities and countries. However, it requires completion of a specific course.

4. Airplane Pilot

Similar to flight attendants, airline pilots have an itinerant routine, but the process to become a pilot involves extensive courses and obtaining several licenses.

5. Cruise Crew

Working on cruises can be challenging, with long working hours, but it offers good pay. There are opportunities in areas such as general services, cooking, entertainment, customer service, lifeguarding and hospitality.

5. Language Teacher

Language teachers can choose to teach in another country or offer private classes online. Platforms such as Skype, iTalki and Google Hangout enable remote teaching, providing freedom in choosing where to live.

6. Journalist

International correspondents live in other countries while working for broadcasters or newspapers. In sports journalism, there is the opportunity to follow events around the world.

7. Foreign Trade

Professionals in this area frequently travel to meet suppliers and customers, especially in import and export. Travel to meetings in other countries is common.

8. Freelance Writer

Freelance writers produce texts remotely for various platforms, including vehicles, agencies, blogs and companies. Sites like 99freelas, Workana and Freelancer connect these professionals to job opportunities.

9. Translator and Interpreter

Language specialists, translators and interpreters can work in different countries, translating texts, contracts and participating in international events. The option to work remotely as a freelancer is also available.

10. Geologist

Studying the composition of the Earth’s crust, geologists often travel to conduct studies in various locations, sharing their results at fairs and seminars.

11. Archeology

By locating, analyzing and exploring archaeological sites, archaeologists have the chance to travel to remote places, participating in events to present discoveries.

12. Event Production

Event producers travel across the country to hold events, requiring organizational and interpersonal skills.

13. Photography and Videographers

Capturing images around the world, photographers and videographers have the opportunity to sell their work to magazines, TV channels or work at global sporting events.

14. Diplomat / International Relations

Working in Brazilian embassies, this career allows you to deal with relations between Brazil and other countries, offering support to Brazilians abroad.

15. Model

Models travel to photo shoots and fashion shows, providing opportunities for professional growth.

16. Consultant and Expert Teacher

Offering consultancies or online classes in a specific area allows you to work from anywhere in the world.

17. Geographer

Studying and mapping social, economic and logistical issues, geographers travel to provide consultancy, participate in conferences and studies.

18. Au Pair

Working as a nanny in another country, especially for young women, offers a unique cultural experience.

19. Diving Instructor

With an international instructor certificate, you can work anywhere where diving is common.

20. Dance, Yoga and Related Instructor

Teaching anywhere in the world with knowledge of the local language is a flexible option, although the job search can be challenging.

21. Investments

Investment brokers can work online while traveling, as can day trade specialists, who buy and sell shares.

22. Professional Poker or E-sports Player

Professional players can compete online and participate in tournaments in different parts of the world.

23. Athlete

Athletes, both individual and collective, have the opportunity to compete globally, exploring different countries during their events and contracts.

These professions offer the freedom to not only work but also explore new horizons, creating a unique balance between career and adventure.

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