Zambelli and the fertile imagination of those who Bolsonaro wants away from

Zambelli and the fertile imagination of those who Bolsonaro wants away from
Zambelli and the fertile imagination of those who Bolsonaro wants away from

This is the story that federal deputy Carla Zambelli (PL-SP) told the Federal Police yesterday. Yes, she hired hacker Walter Delgatti Neto, but it was not so that he could enter false data into the National Justice Council (CNJ) system or bug Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court.

According to Zambelli, it was just so that Delgatti could perform IT services, such as creating websites. That was never his specialty. And to create websites, there is plenty of labor available out there. Delgatti became famous for having hacked conversations between Lava-Jato prosecutors and the then judge Sergio Moro.

Zambelli said he paid 3,000 reais in November last year to a media company that subcontracted Delgatti. The payment of 10.5 thousand reais made by Renan, her advisor, to Delgatti, was just a whiskey transaction between Renan and Delgatti, you know… Zambelli says he can prove it.


At the beginning of last August, Zambelli was the target of a police search and seizure operation in his functional apartment, in Brasília, and in his office in the Chamber. On the same occasion, Delgatti was arrested and confessed to having invaded the CNJ system and included an arrest warrant against Alexandre de Moraes.

Delgatti said that Zambelli, in a meeting on Rodovia dos Bandeirantes, in the capital of São Paulo, in September 2022, asked him to hack Moraes’ email and telephone accounts. Delgatti accessed the email, but found nothing compromising. He tried to hack the electronic voting system, without success.

At that point, the elections were just over a month away. Zambelli took Delgatti to a meeting with the president of the PL, Valdemar Costa, at the party headquarters, and to another with Bolsonaro at Palácio da Alvorada. Bolsonaro admits that he ordered Delgatti to meet with military personnel at the Ministry of Defense. For what?

Bolsonaro doesn’t say. The Army keeps the identity of the soldiers who met with Delgatti secret. Everything is being investigated by the Federal Police. Bolsonaro blames Zambelli for his defeat. On Saturday, October 29, 2022, in the capital of São Paulo, she pulled out a gun and ran after a black man.

It was a sight to see that skinny woman, apparently so fragile, running with a gun in her hand down the middle of the street, in the chic Jardins neighborhood, after a man who had allegedly disrespected her; a spectacle, but also a scandal. Zambelli lied, for a change. The man, a PDT voter, didn’t mess with her.

Six days earlier, former deputy Roberto Jefferson (PTB-RJ), an ally of Bolsonaro, had fired more than 50 shots at federal agents who came to arrest him, in addition to throwing grenades. Jefferson is still in prison today. Zambelli remains light and unpunished, giving free rein to his fertile imagination. Bolsonaro only wants to see her back.

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