research indicates low price; sexta-feira Negra

research indicates low price; sexta-feira Negra
research indicates low price; sexta-feira Negra
Photo: Reproduction/ Industry News Agency (Bruno Costa)

It is possible to find cheaper air conditioning in this hot weather! This is what a survey carried out by Procon Vitória points out.

Monitoring monitors prices in online stores to help consumers take advantage of the best discounts for Black Friday, which takes place on the 24th.

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According to research, air conditioning units are having reduced prices in online stores. The lowest price collected on October 24th was R$2,609.10. In the collection on November 6th, the price fell to R$ 2,339.10 and remained unchanged in the last survey, carried out on Monday (13th).

The comparative analysis carried out by Procon Vitória in online stores also monitors the price of air fryers, stoves, cell phones, smart TVs, notebooks, refrigerators, washing machines, robot vacuum cleaners and video games. The research considers identical products, in brand and model.

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Price collection is carried out in six online stores. The result shows that some products are already falling in price, while others are on an upward trajectory.

Black Friday promises tempting discounts in online stores. Anyone thinking about buying something needs to plan ahead to avoid debt and do good market research to ensure a truly advantageous purchase.“, recommends the Secretary of Citizenship, Human Rights and Labor, Diego Libardi.

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Diego recalls that, last year, many consumers complained about an artificial increase in prices on the eve of the commercial date to give the false impression of a greater discount.



Air conditioning

The lowest price collected on October 24th was R$2,609.10, falling to R$2,339.10 on the 6th. This value was maintained until November 13th.

Cell phones

R$4,599.00 on October 24th, falling to R$4,305.48 since November 11th.


On October 24th, R$1,499.90; fell to R$1,399.90 on the 26th; rose to R$1,500.38 on the 31st; it fell to R$1,198.99 on the 6th and rose once again to R$1,332.22 on the 13th, a lower price than at the beginning of the survey.

Robot vacuum cleaner

On October 24th, R$379.89; rose to R$385.77 on the 30th; fell to R$ 359.90, on the 13th, closing cheaper than when the survey began.


Smart TV

It rose from R$1,804.05, on October 24th, to R$1,994.05, since November 6th.

Video game

On October 24, R$1,804.05; to R$2,490.00 on November 11th.


air fryer

On October 24th, R$335.00; reached R$287.04 on November 1st; rose to R$335.04 since the 6th.


On October 24, R$2,462.24; rose to R$2,589.00 on the 30th; dropped to R$2,278.99 on the 6th; rose to R$2,717.91 on the 8th; and reduced to R$2,609.10 on the 13th.

Washing machine

On October 24th, R$ 1,799.00; rose to R$ 1,899.00 on the 1st; and reduced it to R$1,802.24, very close to the initial price.


On October 24, R$1,889.10; it rose to R$1,999.00 on the 1st and fell to R$1,929.00 on the 13th.

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