Power Radar: The emptied leader, the ghost ambulance, the consolation court and the airlift

November 15, 2023 | 08:34

Power Radar: The emptied leader, the ghost ambulance, the consolation court and the airlift


In the opinion of allies, the government leader in the Assembly, deputy Rosemberg Pinto (PT), made a mistake by being so vehemently against the PEC of re-election in the House. There are those who say that he only increased resistance to his own name. In the government base, Rosemberg only has the firm support of seven parliamentarians in the crusade against President Adolfo Menezes (PSD), five of which are from the PT. If he were a candidate for command of the Legislature against Adolfo, he would lose even within the federation, which includes, in addition to the PT, the PV.

Look at the heart!

In fact, Rosemberg’s explosive reaction when he learned about the collection of signatures for the PEC, which has already reached 34 in the government base alone (and 50, overall), left supporters in the interior worried about the parliamentarian’s health. He had to publish a video on social media stating that he didn’t feel sick and that his heart was fine. “No one is going to take my peace away this time,” said the PT member in the publication, which can be seen by clicking on the side (https://www.instagram.com/reel/CzmilPyvBZO/?igshid=ZnU0c2w3NnBzY2x3)

Between stones and caresses

Speaking of heart, Adolfo Menezes felt the blow of statements by Senator Otto Alencar (PSD) that he is against consecutive re-elections for the presidency of the Assembly. Senator Jaques Wagner (PT) has the same position. At least the president received the moral support of senator Ângelo Coronel (PSD) and the Minister of the Civil House, Rui Costa (PT). Governor Jerônimo Rodrigues (PT) promised not to take sides.

hand itching

The person who is dying to sign the PEC for re-election in the Assembly is the leader of União Brasil, deputy Marcinho Oliveira. Disciplined, however, he will only do so if he has the approval of the political leader, federal deputy Elmar Nascimento (União), Adolfo Menezes’ opponent in Campo Formoso. Marcinho is one of the admirers of the work of the head of the Legislature.

Great consolation prize

As Adolfo Menezes did not accept the retirement plan (click here to understand), the PT is considering supporting the appointment of deputy Rogério Andrade (MDB) to the Municipal Audit Court (TCM). Thus, Vitória da Conquista councilor Lúcia Rocha (MDB), who is a substitute, would take up a seat in the state Legislature, giving up her pre-candidacy for mayor to support PT federal deputy Waldenor Pereira (PT). Lúcia leads the polls.

Zoom, zoom, zoom

“This comment is circulating in Conquista, about me taking up a seat in the Assembly. But so far no one has said anything specific to me. The governor didn’t deal with it. So, I can’t even evaluate it”, says Lúcia Rocha to the column. Jerônimo hopes to announce the name Waldenor by January, as Senator Wagner has already announced on his favorite radio station. The PV wants to place Gabriela Garrido as vice and delegate.

finger sucking

The PT’s plan in favor of Nonô (Waldenor Pereira’s affectionate nickname) once again sidelines the PCdoB, which has been fighting since Wagner’s first government to place a communist in one of the audit courts. Even if it doesn’t go to the MDB, which would celebrate the first nomination, the PT members have two other candidates for the vacancy: federal deputy Josias Gomes and state deputy Paulo Rangel.

By whiting

By the way, the national PCdoB was not at all pleased to learn about communist federal deputy Daniel Almeida’s intentions of being a TCM advisor. When consulting the caption about the possibility, he was promptly reprimanded. The party claims that it spent millions to elect the parliamentarian, who now wants to hand over the mandate on a platter to PT deputy Elisângela Araújo, current state secretary of Women’s Policies.

Exit time

Jerônimo Rodrigues (PT) did not rule out bringing forward the period of departure from the management of the secretaries who will be candidates for mayor in 2024. “We have the name of secretary Luiz Caetano (Institutional Relations, PT), who is a pre-candidate in Camaçari, and that of secretary Jusmari Oliveira (Urban Development, PSD), who said he wanted to be placed in Barreiras. Let’s see how best they can be dedicated to campaigns and, at the same time, not disrupt my government,” Jerônimo told Radar do Poder.


Jerônimo did not mention the Secretary of Education, Adélia Pinheiro, who is considering running for Mayor of Ilhéus. Luiz Caetano is a supporter of the thesis that candidates leave their government positions at the beginning of the year, as soon as the pre-candidacies are confirmed and before the deadline set by the Electoral Court, which is April. He should make his pre-candidacy official in January.

Ghost ambulance

One of the ambulances delivered last week by Governor Jerônimo Rodrigues (PT) to state deputies disappeared. Nobody knows, nobody saw! The vehicle was “passed on” to a conservative parliamentarian who, when questioned by his colleagues, became nervous trying, unsuccessfully, to explain what happened. The other 62 ambulances, made possible through amendments to the budget, were sent to mayors of the respective electoral bases. There was even a ceremony at the Health Department with the presence of managers and deputies.

Aerial bridge

President of the Bahian PP, federal deputy Mário Negromonte Júnior has issued warning signals that he will not accept external interference in the articulations led by him aimed at the 2024 elections in the interior. Anyone who takes the Salvador-Brasília air bridge trying to run over local arrangements can pay a high price, especially in Salvador.

The epithet

Concerned that the verbiage of vice-governor Geraldo Júnior (MDB), nicknamed Rolando Lero by the BN, would have a bad impact in the event of him running for mayor of Salvador, the team of around 40 police officers chosen to advise him recommended that the emedebista researches different words in the dictionary before pronouncing or talking about allies or adversaries. This is how the “libero” emerged, with which Lero referred to the PT pre-candidate, deputy Robinson Almeida, whom he intends to convince through tiredness to become his deputy.

Desirous Crashers

The meeting between the Minister of Social Security, Carlos Lupi, national leader of the PDT, and Mayor Bruno Reis (União), last week, was attended by at least two gatecrashers: councilors Ricardo Almeida (Podemos) and Leandro Guerrilha ( PP). In a relaxed atmosphere, they said they were there to sign the membership form for the pedetista nest, where re-election would be enhanced. Almeida even showed an old photo of his son with a shirt containing the number 12.

bride of the piece

Councilor Anderson Ninho, also present at the meeting between Carlos Lupi and Bruno Reis, at Palácio Thomé de Souza, did not miss the opportunity to ask the minister to remain and contest re-election for the PDT. But the president of the party in Bahia, federal deputy Félix Mendonça Júnior, does not want to, as Ninho did not support anyone from the party nor did he run in the 2022 elections. Félix’s party became the “bride of the block” and should receive up to three councilors of mandate.


* The good performance of federal deputy Lídice da Mata (PSB) in research carried out by the government on the electoral race in Salvador did not encourage even the parliamentarian herself. She was convinced that it does not exceed the 15% ceiling.

* The conviction within the PT that the candidate for Palácio de Ondina in Salvador will be vice-governor Geraldo Júnior (MDB) is growing more and more. The understanding is that the emedebista has more potential to face mayor Bruno Reis (União).

* “The candidate for mayor of Salvador will be Geraldinho (MDB) (like this Free Politics already anticipated a few times). The problem is that they created a little monster in the PT, state deputy Robinson Almeida, who has already fulfilled the role of taking the president of Conder, José Trindade (PSB), out of the game”, said an influential PT member to Radar do Poder.

* Municipal Secretary of Mobility, Fabrizzio Muller had to suspend a trip to Argentina, where he would take a technical course, due to Bruno Reis’ announcement about the increase in bus fares.

* The superintendent of Transalvador, Décio Martins, was the target of criticism from councilor Débora Santana (Avante), who is from the mayor’s base. “He (the director) doesn’t answer our calls”, accused the mayor.

* The PSD invited Salvador councilor Toinho Carolino, who will leave Podemos, to join the party. Carolino replied that he only accepts if he has the freedom to support the re-election of Mayor Bruno Reis (União). Conversations continue.

* Councilor Randerson Leal should exchange PDT for PV, repeating the movement made by his father, state deputy Roberto Carlos. Thus, he remains body and soul at the base of the government.

* Defeated in 2020, after four consecutive terms as councilor of the capital, nurse Aladilce Souza (PCdoB) confirmed that she will try to return to the City Council in 2024.

* The state secretary of Institutional Relations, Luiz Caetano (PT), guarantees that governor Jerônimo Rodrigues (PT) has already received around 30 opposition mayors in recent hearings in Salvador. “Here, all you have to do is ask for audiences and we’ll answer them.”

* Psol will meet the party’s state executive next Saturday (18) and will demand the handover of the positions it still occupies in the Jerônimo government. There are staff appointed to the boards of the Public Archives and the Bahia Memory Center.

* At least three opposition state deputies have already decided that they will run for the Federal Chamber in 2026: Alan Sanches (União), Manuel Rocha (União) and Robinho (União).

* The interviewers did not go unnoticed by the two important mentions by the former president of Bahia’s PT, Everaldo Anunciação, to the name of vice-governor Geraldo Jr. (MDB) when talking about the succession in Salvador during PoliticsPod, the website’s podcast Free Politics, this Tuesday (14). The complete participation can be watched on the website’s TV, right here on the home page.Radar do Poder, the behind-the-scenes column of Política Livre

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