Santa Catarina mourns the death of former governor Colombo Salles


An atmosphere of commotion surrounds the Santa Catarina community due to the death of former governor Colombo Salles. Jorginho Mello (PL) decreed seven days of official mourning Colombo Salles died this Monday (14), in his apartment at the age of 97 and leaves behind his wife Dayse Werner Salles and three children: Marcelo, Bertoldo and Maria José Salles. Born in Laguna, Colombo Machado Salles governed Santa Catarina between 1971 and 1975. Messages were sent from all over. De Lages, former governor Raimundo Colombo, said that Colombo Salles was a governor who improved people’s lives. According to him, Santa Catarina and all of us have lost a great leader, a great man, a great citizen. Colombo Salles was a governor who innovated a lot. It was a period of great growth for Santa Catarina from 1971 to 1975″. He was a person who brought a technical vision to the government, whether in infrastructure, such as the Colombo Salles Bridge, and many other works throughout the state. They were great achievements. FIESC recalled that Colombo Salles was a great director. Under his management, more than 500 kilometers of roads were built through the Santa Catarina Development Project. He also contributed to modernizing the communication network across the state.

Retirement of former governors

Ministers during the STF plenary session / Photo: Carlos Moura/SCO/STF

Coincidentally, this Monday (14) news of the Supreme Court judgment on the salaries of retired Santa Catarina governors circulated. Colombo Salles, was on the list, alongside others, such as Paulo Afonso, Esperidião Amin, Eduardo Pinho Moreira, Leonel Pavan and Raimundo Colombo himself. The Federal Supreme Court (STF) formed a majority (6 to 2) and judged the payment of salaries unconstitutional, however, their benefits will be maintained. The legislation starts to be counted, as of approval in 2017 by the Legislative Assembly, in which the governors of Santa Catarina no longer have the right to retire at the end of their term. Carlos Moisés (Republicans, was the first to be left out of retirement benefits, just like Jorginho Mello will not have it.

About the nursing floor

.Nurses and technicians from the private sector are waiting for a solution to receive the floor. Photo: Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil – Source: Brasil61

The National Health Confederation (CNSaúde), which represents the private sector, must present a new proposal in order to reach a good agreement for the implementation of the minimum salary for nurses, nursing technicians, nursing assistants and midwives across the country in new meeting on Friday, November 17th. In a note, the entity said that it has been seeking mediation from the Superior Labor Court (TST) to find alternatives that make the measure viable. The TST did not accept the proposal presented by the employer in the last unilateral negotiation with the National Health Confederation (CNSaúde). Because the proposal was rejected, the document will not be taken to the workers’ category. In turn, the Federal Nursing Council (Cofen) spoke out and said that it defends the full application of the minimum salary throughout the national territory, as widely agreed and voted on in the National Congress.

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