Second suspect involved in Sara Mariano’s death is arrested

Second suspect involved in Sara Mariano’s death is arrested
Second suspect involved in Sara Mariano’s death is arrested

The second suspect involved in the death of gospel singer Sara Mariano was arrested on Tuesday night (14). The information was confirmed by delegate Euvaldo Costa, who is investigating the case.

Ederlan Santos, the first suspect arrested and husband of the gospel singer, is the main person being investigated for the murder of Sara Mariano. He was arrested on October 28, four days after the victim’s disappearance and shortly after her body was found burned on the banks of BA-093.

Since November 1st, Ederlan has been transferred to the Mata Escura Penitentiary Complex, in Salvador. The delegates investigating the case claim that he confessed to the crime and was the one who ordered it. However, his defense denies the confession.

iBahia contacted the Civil Police to find out more details about the second arrest, but so far, has not received a response.

Remember the case

Sara Mariano was last seen alive on Tuesday night (24), when leaving her family home. At the time, Ederlan Mariano filed a report about his wife’s disappearance. According to the version given by him, she had gone out to go to religious events, but he said he didn’t know which ones.

According to him, a security camera captured the moment Sara left the residence and got into a car, but he didn’t know who the driver was who took her.

The versions given by Ederlan, that Sara Mariano had gone out to a gospel event, were contested by a pastor, a friend of the singer, on the same day.

According to religious leader André Santos, there were no events in churches in the municipality on the day and time reported by Ederlan. Despite this, in a video published by Sara on social media, before disappearing, she reported that she was on her way to D’Ávila.

Three days later, on Friday (27), Sara Mariano’s body was found burned in a forested area on the banks of BA-093, in the town of Dias D’Ávila, in the Metropolitan Region of Salvador.

For the Civil Police, Ederlan recognized that it was Sara, because of her ring and sandals that were found near the body.

Ederlan was arrested for the crime in the early hours of Saturday (28), after confessing to killing his wife. He was temporarily arrested because one of the delegates investigating the case pointed out that there was a clear intention on the part of the person being investigated to destroy possible evidence stored on the victim’s cell phone.


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