SC politicians mourn the death of former governor Colombo Salles; see the impact

SC politicians mourn the death of former governor Colombo Salles; see the impact
SC politicians mourn the death of former governor Colombo Salles; see the impact

Politicians from all political parties in Santa Catarina mourned the death of the former governor of Santa Catarina, Colombo Salles, this Tuesday (14), in Florianópolis.

Everyone emphasized the innovative spirit of the politician who sought to invest in the state’s development. Fiesc also commented on the death.

Colombo Salles spoke to Notícias do Dia about remarkable passages in government in 2016 – Photo: Bruno Ropelato/ ND Archive

“I received with sadness the news of the death of former governor Colombo Machado Salles, aged 97. Salles was a good guy and a man of great public spirit. His contribution to our state leaves a legacy that will last in history”, wrote governor Jorginho Mello (PL) on X (Former Twitter)

For former governor Carlos Moisés (Republicans), Colombo Salles leaves a great legacy in the history of our State.

“His contribution to the advancement of SC will always be remembered.”

“Colombo Salles was a great director. Under his management, more than 500 kilometers of roads were built through the Santa Catarina Development Project. He also contributed to modernizing the communication network across the state. For all your contribution to the state”, said the president of FIESC, Mario Cezar de Aguiar.

Senator Esperidião Amin (PP) also spoke: “Great human figure! Great Manager! He was an Innovator, stimulating the modernization of public administration in our State and in Brazil. A very dear friend of ours.”

Former governor and former senator Jorge Konder Bornhausen mourned the death of Colombo Sales. “I regret the death of the former governor who left important works for Santa Catarina as a legacy.”

Deputies mourned death

“It is with regret that we received the news of the death of former governor Colombo Salles, who leaves his name marked in the history of Santa Catarina”, said the president of Alesc, Mauro de Nadal (MDB).

“A civil engineer and professor responsible for structural works that helped connect regions and modernize our state. A manager who will be remembered by the people of Santa Catarina”, he added.

“Lagonian like me, he was born the same year as my mother, they were schoolmates in Laguna. An extremely respected man and his references were always very complimentary”, commented former governor Eduardo Pinho Moreira (MDB).

For him, “Dr. Colombo’s righteous conduct in his professional life, as an engineer specializing in the area of ​​ports, as a head of a family, and as a public man left a legacy of good examples that serve as a reference for all of us”.

“A politician with technical characteristics. He protected people’s lives and paid a lot of attention to Civil Defense and at that time this was very rare. An innovative governor with important works. A very polite and kind man. Talking to him was a lesson”, said former governor Raimundo Colombo (PSD).

The mayor of São José, Orvino Coelho de Ávila (PSD) wrote in X. “Santa Catarina lost one of the great leaders in its history today. If today we have a strong and sovereign State, we owe a lot to Colombo Salles. A hug of comfort from family and friends.”

“A governor with a vision for development. A man of decentralization of powers. It was great leadership”, commented, by phone, former president of Alesc, Moacir Sopelsa (MDB).

Federal deputy Ana Paula Lima (PT) posted on the internet lamenting the death of the former governor.

“I receive with regret the news of the death of former Santa Catarina governor Colombo Salles. His government, in the 70s, was based on the Development Project and left an important legacy for the entire society of Santa Catarina.

Federal deputy Daniela Reinehr (PL) classified Colombo Salles as a visionary politician, who leaves a legacy with important contributions to our State.

State deputy Marquito (PSOL) said that the former governor, in addition to being in the state’s history, his name will remain in the daily lives of the population who use the bridge leaving the capital of Santa Catarina.

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