Horoscope of the day: discover what your sign reveals for today, Wednesday (15/11) – Zoeira

Horoscope of the day: discover what your sign reveals for today, Wednesday (15/11) – Zoeira
Horoscope of the day: discover what your sign reveals for today, Wednesday (15/11) – Zoeira

Mercury remains freer than ever in the sign of Sagittarius. And at that moment you want much more from life, that is, widen the paths and go further. And, in this search for meaning, don’t forget that what is true doesn’t need many words. You don’t need to explain anything to anyone. Today Mercury and Venus are in charge, facilitating the processes and trying to find a solution. You will feel renewed. This aspect facilitates exchanges, meetings, agreements and negotiations. Make contacts, meet new people, elevate your thinking. The goddess of love promises to bring a little harmony to your holiday. Take the opportunity to allow yourself some pleasures.


The last few days have been really busy and you haven’t had much time to focus on what really makes you happy. Enjoy the holiday and focus on what needs to be resolved. You may not be able to rest, because you need to give that little push to your tasks. But take a break, find a friend and find some time to talk to your partner about your future projects.


Even in the face of this chaos, today can be that day to breathe. Try to find a few minutes of peace. Do some activity that gives you pleasure and nourishes your body and mind. Today is a good day to rethink your habits. Where do you want to change?


After challenging days, Mercury brings a little lightness. All you need to do today is put your worries aside and try to do something enjoyable. It could be a hobby or a pleasant outing. Try to find people who inspire you and make your heart happy.


Today the day asks you to stay at home, because it is in your home that you find calm. Take advantage of the holiday to enjoy it at home with family or friends, the important thing is that the company is pleasant. Maybe it’s a good time to tidy up your home and make it more comfortable.


The holiday will be very peaceful. Mercury aligned with Venus could bring good news or you could receive a special call. Elevate your communication and prefer pleasant chats and inspiring conversations. Write a high-spirited text and publish it on your social networks. The world is in need of good news, the kind that feeds the soul.


Take advantage of the harmony provided by Mercury and Venus and stay at home for a while. You need a moment to relieve mental tension. Try to organize your ideas, your papers, documents, review your finances. The period is excellent for negotiations and agreements or any movement that favors your financial life.


Your communication skills will be at an all-time high, Libra. Today is a great day for meetings, conversations and presentations, especially those that highlight your values ​​and talents. It may be that a meeting opens doors to new experiences and new projects.


Enjoy the holiday and turn inward. Try to breathe and plan a little. Mercury and Venus in harmony ask you to think about financial strategies or how you can achieve greater inner peace. Try meditating a little and allow inner peace to establish itself.


Mercury and Venus promise to strengthen ties with true friends. It’s a great day to participate in social events and spread your shine around. Be open to giving and receiving support. Try to find your friends and celebrate friendship.


A brilliant insight can arrive in that moment of pause. Or perhaps you will receive an unexpected invitation for an enlightening conversation. Don’t forget to express your feelings. The moment is favorable to restore bridges. Your ability to communicate clearly and compassionately will be at an all-time high.


The day calls for inspiring dialogues with friends or mentors. Think big and plan a trip or engage in research. Seek to connect with interesting people. Don’t be afraid to dream. You are much bigger than you imagine.


It may be that today you receive a special message or that your heart is touched in some way. Exchange ideas with people who inspire you. Today is the perfect day for you to focus on that project you’ve been putting off.

*Julianna Formiga is an astrologer, path therapist, teacher and journalist. She attends and teaches courses, lectures and self-knowledge games for companies and schools. Master in Media Semiotics and Reiki, in addition to being a Holistic Therapist, she developed the Cartography of the Soul with the aim of guiding the paths of those seeking to align their being and doing in the world.

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