First phase of Unesp 2024 takes place today (15); see what to bring


This Wednesday (15th), the Proclamation of the Republic holiday, 67,430 candidates take the first phase of the Unesp 2024. Composed of a test of 90 questions on general knowledge, the entrance exam selects candidates for the more than 6 thousand places in the university’s undergraduate courses.

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Among the most popular courses, as usual, Medicine takes first place – with around 267 candidates competing for the vacancy on the Botucatu campus. Among the other most popular are: Psychologyon the Bauru campus (50.2); computer Sciencein Bauru (41.0); Right, in Franca (39.3); It is Psychologyin Bauru (29.1).

The first stage is applied simultaneously in 35 municipalities, 31 of which are in the state of São Paulo. In addition to the cities in São Paulo, Brasília (DF), Campo Grande (MS), Curitiba (PR) and Uberlândia (MG) also carry out the application. This year’s registration fee was R$192.

First phase test

In this first phase, candidates will take a test with 90 multiple-choice questions, lasting a maximum of 5 hours. These are questions involving areas of knowledge developed throughout high school. The distribution of questions is as follows:

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  • Languages ​​and their Technologies: Portuguese language and literature, English language, physical education and art;
  • Applied Humanities and Social Sciences: history, geography, philosophy and sociology;
  • Natural Sciences and their Technologies: biology, chemistry and physics; It is
  • Mathematics and its Technologies: mathematics.

The test may contain interdisciplinary questions, that is, that address content from more than one discipline.

Unlike Enem, Unesp does not calculate the grade according to the TRI (Item Response Theory). All questions have the same value. Therefore, the strategy of answering the easiest questions first and leaving the difficult ones until later is very important. “It’s better to guarantee a point right at the beginning of the race. The candidate who wastes time in the difficult ones will harm himself”, says the professor at Colégio Oficina do Estudante, Célio Tasinafo. Find out more here.

What to take

In both phases, candidates must pay attention to the list of documents and materials necessary to take the test. For personal identification, the original of any of the documents listed below:

  • Identity Card – RG;
  • National Driving License, issued in accordance with Federal Law No. 9,503/97;
  • Military Certificate;
  • Work and Social Security Card – CTPS;
  • Passport;
  • National Registry of Foreigners – RNE;
  • Identity cards issued by the Armed Forces, Military Police and Military Fire Brigades;
  • Class Body or Council Card.

To take the test, the candidate must take only two items with them:

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  • Ballpoint pen with Black ink;
  • Transparent ruler;

Attention: according to the entrance exam notice, the Using a different color pen to fill out the answer sheet may result in harm to the candidate, as the markings may not be detected by the correction software.

Regarding the use of masks, the recommendation is to follow the guidelines of health bodies. The entrance exam notice only states that the use of masks is recommended as a preventive measure, although it is not mandatory. The candidate who uses the item will be responsible for packaging and/or disposing of their protective material.

What not to take or use

  • During the tests, the use of any electronic device, such as a calculator, cell phone, watch, audio player of any nature or any material other than that provided by Fundação Vunesp, will not be permitted;
  • The use of ear protection, caps, beanies, hats and sunglasses will not be permitted.
  • As a safety measure, candidates must keep their ears visible for observation by the room inspector. Therefore, long loose hair, bandanas or similar will not be permitted.
  • It is expressly prohibited to carry weapons of any kind.


It is recommended that candidates arrive at least one hour in advance. Upon entering the building, you must immediately go to your testing room.

Closing the gates: 2pm

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Start of the test: 2pm:

Minimum departure time: 5pm

End of the test: 7pm

Late candidates will not be admitted.

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Complete Unesp 2024 calendar

First phase: November 15th

Announcement of the list of candidates for the second phase: December 4th

Disclosure of the second phase test locations: December 4th

Specific skills tests: December 12th to 16th and 19th to 21st (consult the notice to see the date of each course)

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Second level: December 10th and 11th

Publication of the general classification list: January 31, 2024

Virtual Registration: February 1st to 5th, 2024

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