Do you need to take turns? Stressed student at the gym goes viral and raises controversy | Health

Do you need to take turns? Stressed student at the gym goes viral and raises controversy | Health
Do you need to take turns? Stressed student at the gym goes viral and raises controversy | Health

Boy gets angry when asked how long he would stay on gym equipment

The video in which a young man appears stressed after being asked how long he was going to remain on a weight training machine went viral on social media. The issue sparked a debate on the internet about rotating equipment in gyms.

“If I want to spend the day here, I will. I’ve been going to the gym here for four years and she wants to tell me that there’s time for me to stay here (…) I’m going to stay here now and I want to see who can take me away. If you touch me… Wow, I I’m shaking with rage”, says the boy in the recording.

The need to take breaks between strength exercises will depend on each student’s goal, according to experts. Eduardo Nettomember of the Federal Council of Physical Education, stated that there is no established rule, but the Ideally, use common sense.

“There is no single rule applied in all gyms regarding the rotation of equipment. However, many gyms have their own internal policies regarding shared use of machines, especially during peak times, to ensure that all members have the opportunity to train, but I think in these cases common sense should prevail,” said Netto , who is also partner-technical director of the Bodytech Gym Network.

The physical educator and owner of the TPFit Training Center, Angelo Zorzanellitold g1 that the boy lacked education, which could have explained the need to do training without rest.

“The guy was very ignorant, he didn’t explain to the woman that he was making a series. We have bad manners from the boy in the video. He could have explained that he was doing a ‘drop set’ [método de musculação que não prevê descanso entre as repetições] and that I needed to do five series in a row. He was very ignorant in not explaining it to her, he lacked education,” said Zorzanelli, who has a postgraduate degree in Adapted Physical Activity for Health.

The rest time between sets directly influences the result on the body and, therefore, some training sessions are planned to be performed without a break. Furthermore, hygiene would be another factor in not sharing devices.

“In addition to the different types of training, refusal may be associated with hygiene issues. In the case of users who sweat a lot, it would involve spending time cleaning and sanitizing the device”, said Eduardo Netto, who has a master’s degree in Human Motricity.

1 of 1 Man does weight training in a gym — Photo: Disclosure/Freepik
Man does weight training at a gym — Photo: Disclosure/Freepik

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