Young people start franchises to avoid CLT and earn more

Young people start franchises to avoid CLT and earn more
Young people start franchises to avoid CLT and earn more

Increasingly, Brazilian franchisors are faced with a register of young people willing to invest in new franchised units. They are entrepreneurs who have two distinct objectives: to escape the traditional job market, the well-known CLT, or to expand the possibility of earning with a second source of income.

“Both options are valid, as long as they are well studied since choosing the franchise because, in the selection process, the future franchisee needs to have sufficient data to anchor their decision”, warns Melitha Novoa Prado, a lawyer specializing in franchising, with 35 years of experience. performance.

According to her, young people who wish to undertake franchising as their only income option will be 100% dedicated to the business and will be able to develop a solid career, investing in improvement within the areas with which they have the most affinity.

“In all these years of franchising, I have seen stories of franchisees who became multi-franchisees, with more than two brands and several franchised units. They studied management, developed skills through courses and created teams that efficiently operate several franchises under their leadership”, says Melitha.

Young entrepreneurs who have a job and want to diversify their income can also count on franchising as an option. As it is a formatted business, the franchise has all the necessary support to make the operation simpler and follow a standard that can be replicated by a well-trained team.

“In this case, the franchisee is able to develop their professional activity and manage the franchise remotely, with the help of a manager/leader qualified for this. He may also have more than one franchised unit when he gains experience, even while maintaining his other professional activity. It is necessary to look for a brand that does not require exclusive dedication and make your intention clear during the selection process, to understand the needs of the business and how much dedication will be required for the success of the business”, adds the lawyer.

Whether the young franchisee is dedicated exclusively or partially to the franchise, this is an excellent way to achieve professional success. Discover cases of young professionals who acquired their franchises.

Lurian Assunção

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Portuguese bakery in Maranhão

Lurian Assunção Silva Nogueira Valinhas has been a B.LEM franchisee since 2022, in São Luís (MA). Her first store was located in Shopping São Luís, but she always had the idea of ​​looking for a different location for the second franchise.

“As I live on an island, with sea on all sides, I was already thinking about opening another unit, but one where it would have a view of the sunset, because many people look for that when they go out here”, he remembers.

The entrepreneur installed her second B.LEM Padaria Portuguesa franchise inside the Brisamar Hotel, strategically on the seafront, and the establishment serves not only guests, but also customers in the city.

The success of the unit has been remarkable, with revenue that meets expectations. When compared to the mall unit, Lurian explains that there is a different dynamic in relation to movement. This is because the hotel has busy times, especially during sunset and the early hours of the morning.

Furthermore, the diversity of tourists adds a special touch to the experience, something that distinguishes this unit from others. And the difference between the unit installed in the hotel is that it serves as a bar, including a different menu, which includes drinks to serve guests.

“The franchisor created this menu for us to take advantage of the movement and it worked really well!”, she says.

Talking about the future, Lurian already has plans to continue the partnership with B.LEM. “I’m thinking about opening other units, but there’s still no specific date. It has also not been decided whether it will be inside a shopping mall or in some other location that is different from the traditional,” she reveals.

B.LEM Padaria Portuguesa has around 50 stores across Brazil. In a franchised unit, between R$300,000 and R$600,000 are invested, including the franchise fee.

Raissa Fonseca

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Teacher and franchisee

In Ji-Paraná (RO), the person who started the business at the Dr. Shape franchised unit was Raissa Fonseca Ferreira, 33 years old.

“My story with Dr. Shape was almost a coincidence. I discovered the store because I went to an appointment with a nutritionist in Porto Velho and I didn’t know exactly where it was. When I arrived, I came across Dr. Shape there, where the health professional’s office was located. I went through the nutritional service and found the products that were recommended in the same place as the consultation. This caught my attention and happened at a time when I was looking to improve my quality of life, which is what I try to bring to my clients today”, says Raissa.

Raissa is originally from Porto Velho and moved to Ji-Paraná when she enrolled in the Environmental Engineering course at the Federal University of Rondônia. After five years, she completed her degree and soon began studying for a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences. She then began her career as a professor at private universities, in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering courses.

During this period, I already had an interest in entrepreneurship, but I had not yet defined the segment in which I wanted to operate. The turnaround in her professional life happened unexpectedly when she had her consultation with the nutritionist at Dr. Shape in Porto Velho.

“At first, I had no immediate intention of following this path, but curiosity led me to get in touch to obtain more information. From the first moment, the Dr. Shape team welcomed and guided me, sparking my interest even more. I realized that the brand’s approach and commitment to health and well-being were aligned with my own values,” he recalls.

In addition to gaining experience in the first months of work, Raíssa is preparing for the opening of the Viva na Medida clinic, which will certainly be another success. The clinic will operate next to the store and will guarantee greater profitability for the business, making the franchise a “2 in 1 business”, with retail and service provision.

Dr. Shape is a franchisor of dietary supplements and sporting goods, with 70 stores. Investment in a franchised unit starts at R$280,000, with franchise fee included.

Dhandara Vilela and Caik Calixto

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Couple works together in franchise

Despite having the same profession, Dhandara Vilela, 31, and Caik Calixto, 29, had never worked together. They are lawyers who work in different areas, but they always thought they should have income from entrepreneurship. So, investing in a franchise became a goal for the couple.

Dhandara was afraid when Caik presented the idea to her, because after completing the study phase and already having a more established career, she thought that starting a new project could be a problem. So, she analyzed the proposal for a month, until she decided to say yes to her husband.

“In the beginning, everything was very difficult, due to the stress of dealing with construction, architecture, suppliers… It was crazy! We still had an incident and were closed for seven days. I saw my life turn upside down. This was quite complicated, mainly because we didn’t know each person’s role within the store. Now, it is going very well, because we divided the tasks according to our talents”, says Dhandara.

Today, then, she is the one who hires suppliers, is responsible for marketing, projects and employees, while Caik takes care of more of the financial side of the business.

“We know we have very different ideas, but this can be really cool, because we work towards the same goal. So, we formed a very cool duo, who can understand each other and find results. We were a few times in the top 10 of the stores that sold the most in the chain and this shows that the work has really been working”, adds the franchisee.

And to make everything work even better, the couple has an agreement: not to talk about the burger at home. Therefore, they made a point of setting up an office in the unit and it is there that all professional matters are discussed.

The BBurgers has 150 stores and is expanding throughout Brazil. In a brand franchise, investments start at R$135 thousand, with a franchise fee of R$50 thousand.

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