Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus are killing my patience

Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus are killing my patience
Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus are killing my patience

Between PC, PS5 and Xbox Series, now I almost have 1,000 games waiting to be played

I still remember when I returned home after a summer in my priest’s village I thought I would do it with a backpack loaded with game disks. That beastliness meant my first approach to the tall jewels of Prince of Persia, Doom, that first Duke Nukum 2D or Jazz Jackrabbit.

As strange as it seems, I promise that it will make sense sooner than later, that vague but entrainable memory has come to my head on several occasions during the last few months. Again and again, he repeated himself trying to play this past weekend in the catalogs of Xbox Game Pass y PlayStation Plus.

Game overdose

I don’t know where all those games came from, but that’s certainly what I see from perspective, and summing up that during these years of my childhood I experienced a catastrophe where we fell without PRAÇA During a good season, I can tie several cables that like a simple pipiolo did not plant me.

But of course, imagine, with that age and your particular lack of self-control, facing a backpack loaded with more games than you probably know how to count. I tell you to know how to recognize or appreciate. weigh before me a huge collection of classics That today’s day I remember, my greatest memory of that moment is the obsession of jumping from one to the other without saying anything, without giving up to the majority the smallest opportunity to gain my attention.

Good, I also remember very much from the epic beginning of Prince of Persia 2 escaping on the boat, but that’s another topic.

Only the games that, in a masterful way, completely grabbed my attention during the first few minutes, were the ones that played a little longer on a PC because they spent decades and decades of games over the course of a few days.

I believe that unconsciously, but also supported by a large handful of external factors such as an evident lack of time to deal with day-to-day needs, or an increasingly overwhelming number of options that we have at our disposal, the catalogs of Xbox Game Pass y PlayStation Plus In some way, I was catapulted into that sensation and lack of patience.

Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus: history repeats itself

Even in those games about which I am reading or listening to great comments, on many occasions I have seen forcing me to play things while my head was repeating “so you keep wasting time in this, if you love what you don’t like”.

Apparently there shouldn’t be an internal debate. The sentence seems to make it quite clear that I value my time and I’m not willing to lose it with something that it’s clear is not for me. And this is not a criticism of this game in particular, let us normalize once and for all that there are games that, no matter how hard they are to sell them as absolute indispensable masterworks that you must play yourself and have in your library as well, such simply no son for us.

But it is inevitable for me to remember that, between that flood of games when I really didn’t understand the pizza that I was explaining to their tutorials, and the one that I now get from this series of services loaded with joys that could give me a lifetime of addiction to A time in which I have time to play is more limited than ever, just in between, and a completely different time.

One where the money didn’t allow me to play everything I wanted, so every game I could think of, even though it took a brief time to buy it and a few minutes came to the language that wasn’t going to be a big deal , Enjoy it like it was the last one game that I have been playing in my life. And from that enthusiasm, from self-imposing those desires, I actually keep very grateful memories of games to which today probably wouldn’t have given me half an hour of time.

It’s not a problem Xbox Game Pass that of PlayStation Plus, Of course. It’s a problem. That’s the very reason why on Steam I have a huge library of games waiting to be played and the desire that, if someone comes to joy, the subscription services will continue there so I can burn the few diopters that are holding me back. Now, if I don’t do it wrongly or simply out of necessity, I don’t know if I’m enjoying them as they deserve. Please wait 30 more years.

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