Freedom or Death

Freedom or Death
Freedom or Death

Freedom or Death

“The placid banks of Ipiranga heard / From a heroic people the resounding cry, / And the sun of freedom, in brilliant rays, / Shined in the sky of the country at that moment” (…) “But, if you lift the mace of justice strong, / You will see that a son of yours does not run away from the fight, / Nor does he fear, whoever adores you, his own death. / Adored land, / Among a thousand others, / It is you, Brazil. / O beloved homeland! / Of the children of this soil You are a gentle mother, / Beloved homeland, Brazil!” Despite everything, happy November 15th.

Story of a victory

Businessman Anderson Birman, founder of Arezzo&Co, launched the book “A Cada Passo” on the 10th at the Travessa bookstore in Shopping Iguatemi, in São Paulo. The event brought together family, friends and personalities from the world of business, fashion and art, who came to applaud the businessman.

Steps to victory

Names such as Sílvia Braz, Carlos Jereissati, Glória Kalil, Natalie Klein, Michael Klein, Guilherme Benchimol, Isabella Fiorentino, Gero Fasano, Carol Celico, Joyce Pascowitch, Carol Bassi, Paulo Borges and Karla Marques Felmanas passed through the place. The book recounts the defining moments of his career in an unprecedented way.

Leaps of a victory

That is, until Birman became one of the biggest entrepreneurs in Brazil. It also transports you to memories about the construction of what is today Arezzo&Co. Curated by the creative director, Giovanni Bianco, the book is available at the Travessa bookstore and on the Amazon website. All proceeds from sales will go to Casa Transitória.

Steel Cup

Gerdau was the winner in three categories of the Anamaco 2023 Award, which recognizes the best suppliers in the construction sector in the national market. The company received the master award in the nails, steel mesh or mesh for concrete and steel rebar categories.

Solid cup

In the 32nd edition of the awards, promoted by the National Association of Construction Material Traders (Anamaco), more than 1,600 shopkeepers and construction materials retailers were interviewed when choosing the winners. The trophies were delivered on the 7th, in São Paulo.

Short & Thin

* Day 25, the Ouro Preto Art Foundation (Faop) will celebrate 55 years.

More than five decades contributing to the dissemination, artistic and technical training, which is aimed at preserving the heritage of Minas Gerais and Brazil.

The first training course for conservators and restorers in the country was offered by Faop.

Since 2021, This knowledge has reached more cities in Minas Gerais, through the actions of the Minas Gerais government, via the State Department of Culture and Tourism and Faop.

* The saloon de Turismo de Minas Gerais, from Abav/MG, is now Minas Travel Market (MTM) and will take place on March 15th and 16th, 2024, in the Northeast.

* The governor Romeu Zema signed, with the Secretary of State for Economic Development, Fernando Passalio, a protocol of intentions.

Protocol investment of R$270 million from the Chinese company XCMG (Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co. Ltd.) to expand the company’s industrial park in Pouso Alegre, in the south of Minas.

The signature was held in Xuzhou, on the 9th, during the international mission to China.

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