Official answer sheet for Enem 2023 is released today (14); access now


Updated on 11/14/2023

This Tuesday (14), at 7pm, the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep) releases the official template of National High School Examination (Enem) 2023together with the Question Booklets.

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A date of publication of the Enem answer sheet was brought forwardas announced in a press conference by the Minister of Education, Camilo Santana, and the president of the Institute, Manuel Palacios. Before, The answer key would be released on November 24th.

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How to access the official Enem 2023 answer sheet?

The official Enem 2023 answer sheet and also the Question Booklets will be made available on the Inep portal, in this link. To download the answer sheet, simply go to this page, click on the “2023” tab and select the answer sheet corresponding to the color of the test that you did.

Furthermore, on this same website it is possible to view the Enem test answer sheets in enlarged, super-enlarged, Braille, reader and Libra versions.

Check out the PDF of the template for the four test colors below:


Enem 2023 answer key – blue test 1st day

Enem 2023 answer key – blue test 2nd day


Enem 2023 answer key – yellow test 1st day

Enem 2023 answer key – yellow test 2nd day

White grey

Enem 2023 Answer Key – white test – 1st day

Enem 2023 answer key – gray test – 2nd day


Enem 2023 answer key – pink test – 1st day

Enem 2023 answer key – pink test – 2nd day

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that, Even knowing exactly how many questions you got right on the Enem, it is still not possible to know your final grade. To know the exact final grade, you need to wait for the Enem results to be announced, which will only be in January.

This is because the exam uses Item Response Theory (IRT), which considers not only the number of correct answers, but also the difficulty of the items and the coherence of the participants’ responses. Therefore, the grade can vary greatly depending on which questions the candidate got right and which ones they got wrong.

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When will the Enem 2023 results come out?

The official Enem 2023 result will only be released on January 16, 2024, according to the test notice.

It is worth remembering that Inep can change the date, so much so that, in the 2022 edition, the result was brought forward by four days, for example. Rest assured, if the result is anticipated, through Quero Magazine you will find out immediately.

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