MP receives complaint about alleged ‘rachadinha’ scheme in Gabriel Azevedo’s office


Another controversy involving the name of the president of the Belo Horizonte City Council, Gabriel Azevedo (no party), came to light this Thursday (9). The Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that it had received a complaint about an alleged “rachadinha” scheme in the councilor’s office. The case was taken by a server, dismissed today (9).

The former employee of Gabriel Azevedo’s office claims to have presented evidence of bank transfers and app text messages exchanged with the parliamentarian’s former advisor, and now current general director of the Chamber, Rafael Dayrell. Rafael, in turn, denies the accusations and claims to have filed a police report.

The dismissed civil servant said that he was hired to work at the Chamber in April, and that he was later approached personally by Gabriel’s advisor, who allegedly proposed the scheme. He claims he “had no choice but to accept.”

In the alleged messages, the complainant says that Rafael demanded the “return” of R$4,000 on October 31st. “Just to remind you of our agreement… I need the pix in the morning because I have an early appointment. R$ 4000. Can I count on that?”, the current general director reportedly wrote.

(Reproduction / Social Media)

(Reproduction / Social Media)

The employee would have responded to the message two days later, with proof of two transactions worth R$2,000 each, and the words “the rest of the refund follows, as agreed for this month, worth R$4,000”.

Again, Rafael would have replied: “Dear. I am unaware of any return you have to make to me. What is between the two of us is a payment of a debt contracted by you to carry out repairs in your house that had caught fire. The debt contracted was R$ 12,850, last week you came to me and gave me R$ 1.5 thousand in cash and today you sent me this receipt for R$ 2000. Therefore, the debt goes from R$ 12,850 to R$ 9,350”.

(Reproduction / Social Media)

(Reproduction / Social Media)

The employee’s dismissal appears in the Official Gazette of the Municipality, in ordinance no. 21,336. According to Rafael Dayrell, the justification is that the employee collected all his work materials and belongings, in addition to not showing up for work since last Wednesday (1st). The server alleges “retaliation” in light of the complaint to the MP.

What the Chamber director says

Rafael Dayrell states that the employee alleged personal, family and financial problems, and even stated that his house was destroyed by fire. He said he was touched by the case and lent R$12,000 to “help him”. The alleged loan would have been made in July this year.

“We mobilized to help. The cabinet people got together to lend him money. It was a confusing story, but we still helped”, explains Gabriel Azevedo’s former advisor. Dayrell believes that the employee is being “used” and “instructed by someone” in an attempt to interfere in Gabriel Azevedo’s impeachment process.

The president of the City Council, councilor Gabriel (no party), informed, during the ordinary plenary session this Thursday (9), that the general director, Rafael Dayrell, a CMBH attorney are currently at the Public Prosecutor’s Office , providing clarification on the alleged split complaint made by a former advisor, who is also being heard.

Gabriel claims that this is yet another frustrated attempt to try to remove him from office, associating the image of the presidency with a false accusation of corruption and promoting an attack on the City Council. “You can’t be innocent in the times we are living in. People know me and know me very well. My qualities and my defects are known. Everyone knows and knows with great conviction that I am not corrupt. Trying to put it in me this accusation is a frustrated attitude”, he stated.

* Article updated at 5:01 pm, with the position of councilor Gabriel

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