CNG price in Minas had the biggest increase in the Southeast in October


Average sales cost reached R$4.64 in the State, an increase of 0.65% over the first fortnight of the month

The average price of natural gas for vehicles (CNG) closed the month of October on a high in the State | Credit: Adobe Stock/Disclosure

The average purchase price of vehicular natural gas (CNG) increased by 0.65% in Minas Gerais at the end of October, compared to the first half of the month. The price of fuel used in vehicles reached R$4.64. In the first half of October, fuel was sold in the State at R$4.61. The value represents the biggest increase in the Southeast region of the country, according to the Price Index Edenred Ticket Log (IPTL).

Just as the price of CNG increased in Minas in October, the average price of fuel in São Paulo also increased in the same period. Even with a lower regional average, it was sold at R$4.31, registering an increase of 0.23%. In the states of Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo, the averages closed the month at R$4.47 and R$4.91, respectively.

The scenario is one of stability

According to the General Director of Mobility at Edenred Brasil, Douglas Pina, the average values ​​for each state showed “a trend of stability in relation to the first fifteen days of October”, he considers. He also says: “The average price of CNG in the Southeast Region was R$4.44 throughout the month, remaining at the same level as at the beginning of the period.”

A Edenred Ticket Login informs that the price survey is based on data from supplies carried out at the company’s 21 thousand accredited stations during a given period to arrive at the Edenred Ticket Log Price Index (IPTL).

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