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Ouro Preto City Hall
Ouro Preto City Hall

City Hall delivers housing units at Residencial Vila Alegre, in Cachoeira do Campo

The morning of Wednesday, November 8, was marked by the realization of the dream of owning a home for five families. The City Hall, through the Municipal Department of Urban Development and Housing, delivered the first housing units of the second phase of works at Residencial Vila Alegre, in the district of Cachoeira do Campo.

Residencial Vila Alegre, the result of a partnership started in 2007 by Mayor Angelo Oswaldo and the Federal Government, has now become a complete reality. This project aims to urbanize precarious settlements in the headquarters and districts of Ouro Preto. In addition to the 96 houses already built and delivered in 2014 under the “A roof is everything” housing program, Residencial Vila Alegre will receive another 59 houses that will meet the needs of the Ouro Preto population. This program is an important milestone for our community, and the works are a concrete demonstration of the commitment to offering decent housing to the citizens of Ouro Preto.

Mayor Angelo Oswaldo highlighted the importance of this project being back: “This project returns ten years later to provide families in Ouro Preto with their own homes, this is a great achievement and a dream come true for the families, who will now be able to get out of rent social and create your own home. ‘One roof is everything’ is a commitment from Ouro Preto City Hall to the housing program that will now be expanded with resources from the federal government.”

The Secretary of Urban Development and Housing, Camila Sardinha, talks about the importance of delivering the housing units: “This will be just the beginning of a public policy that has been established and consolidated in the municipality of Ouro Preto due to the trust placed by the mayor in the work of the team from the Department of Urban Development and Housing”.

The delivery of these first units marks the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of families who have been anxiously awaiting their new homes. The forecast is that all works in the Vila Alegre neighborhood will be completed in 15 months, and the houses will be delivered to families according to the completion of the works.

Raimunda Pereira Ratis, 85 years old, mother of 10 children and grandmother of more than 30 grandchildren, emotionally shares the meaning of realizing her dream of owning her own home: “After 10 years of waiting, I will finally be able to have my own house and provide a home for my grandchildren who live with me. I am very happy and I thank everyone who helped me make this dream come true.”

Soraia de Jesus Soares, mother of 4 children and now owner of her home, will be able to leave social rent and offer a better life for her children: “Receiving this house is a gift, I’ve been waiting for this special day to arrive for 11 years and now I’m going to being able to get out of rent and help my children study, offering them a better life.”

The delivery of the Housing Units at Residencial Vila Alegre is an important milestone for the Ouro Preto community, allowing families to realize their dream of owning their own home and get out of social rent. This project demonstrates the City Hall’s commitment to providing decent housing and represents a significant step towards a more comprehensive and inclusive public housing policy for the municipality.

The event was attended by Mayor Angelo Oswaldo, Deputy Regina Braga, Secretary of Government, Yuri Assunção, Secretary of Urban Development and Housing, Camila Sardinha, Secretary of Works, Franklin Evangelista, Secretary of Security and Traffic, Juscelino Gonçalves, the Secretary of Education, Deborah Etrusco, federal deputy Miguel Ângelo, councilors Vanderley Kuruzu, Vantuir Silva, Naércio Ferreira, Lilian França, and the Housing manager, Pedro Moreira.

Text: Vitória Calixto / Review: Victor Stutz

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