SUV Creta 0 km can be purchased at the price of the 2022 line


If you have at some point thought about purchasing a 0 km Creta SUV, but have come up against the value of the vehicle, we have good news. This Black Friday, you can purchase the Limited 1.0 TGDI version for a special price. Check out the news!

Creta Limited with unmissable offer on Black Friday (Photo: Disclosure/Hyundai)

What changes on Black Friday?

According to the automaker, this value goes up to:

“November 30th or until stocks last.”

Exclusive benefits

The automaker also reveals that vehicle owners Hyundai can also enjoy extra benefits:

“Black November” will offer discounts of up to 30% on services such as alignment and balancing and up to 20% on accessories such as crankcase protectors, alarms, lamps, sills and trims. During the month, engine oil changes with Shell oil will also receive an 8% discount across the brand’s entire dealership network in Brazil.

However, purchasing a car thinking only about the price can be a “shot in the foot”, since, in many cases, the cheap can be expensive.

But, luckily, you’ve made it this far and Garagem 360 brings a complete analysis of the Creta SUV.

This way, you find out if the savings of R$10,000, offered by the automaker, It’s worth it for your pocket.

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Is the investment in Creta worth it?

A Limited 1.0 TGDI version of the Creta is one of the most affordable configurations in the line. At first, you may even be suspicious about the value of the vehicle, however the price is not used as a resource to hide flaws in the car.

On the contrary, it is an excellent attraction for you to buy a vehicle with great value for money.

Tested by Garagem360, the Limited version stands out not only for its price, but also for other features, including:

  • Design;

  • Comfort;

  • Space;

  • Security;

  • Motor power.

Below, we explain each of them in detail. Stay with us and follow along!


  • Vehicle is more elegant, however, it has not lost the sporty style of an SUV

  • Front grille designed exclusively for Brazilian drivers. Its hexagonal shape brings a combination of colors and shapes, which highlights its presence in the bodywork.

  • LED daytime running lights (DRL) bring a special charm to the vehicle;

  • The light-alloy wheels contain a 17-inch structure and diamonds.


  • Seats are more comfortable, especially if you are used to spending long hours in traffic

  • Center console is higher, while the center panel is directed towards the driver, making it easier to concentrate in traffic

The Hyundai Creta Limited's seats are comfortable even on long-distance trips (Photo: Disclosure/Hyundai)
The Hyundai Creta Limited’s seats are comfortable even on long-distance trips (Photo: Disclosure/Hyundai)


Creta stands out for its comfort and powerful technology Image: Disclosure/Hyundai)
Creta stands out for its comfort and powerful technology Image: Disclosure/Hyundai)


Drivers who focus on the safety of a vehicle when purchasing a car are well served with the Hyundai SUV. This is because it is equipped with the following features:

  • Reverse camera

  • Parking Sensor

  • Electronic stability and traction control

  • Hill start assistant

  • Six airbags

  • Tire pressure monitoring

  • LED daytime running light

  • Automatic headlight switching on


Now, let’s talk about the engine, which is 1.0 Turbo GDI and contains:

  • Direct fuel injection

  • Power of 120 hp, with maximum torque of 17.5 kgf.m at 1,500 rpm

  • Transmission is six-speed automatic

Additionally, you have access to Stop & Go system. In short, its function is to turn off and start the engine, which saves fuel.

And, speaking of fuel, the SUV achieves an average of 12 km/l on the highway, while in the city the limit was 8 km/l.

Still undecided whether it’s worth the investment?

We understand, after all, choosing a car doesn’t happen overnight, right?

With this in mind, we have separated two more analyzes that will contribute to your decision-making. Check it out:

Oh, and, of course, keep following Garagem360 to have access to updated values ​​from the Fipe table and other analyzes that affect not only your pocket, but also your performance in traffic.

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