6 things about the universe of The Boys that we discovered in the series


Series presented several new concepts from the universe of The Boys

Warning: Spoilers Alert!

Gen V concluded its first season with a plot full of twists and surprises, also bringing several new information about the world of The Boys, which could end up being important for the fourth season of the series, which according to the production’s showrunner, will have links with the end of Gen V.

Check out the main revelations made in the series here:

God U was made to study Supers

A Godolkin Universityor God U as it is referred to in the series, is the main college in the United States for students with superpowers, however in recent episodes we discover that the place has a much more sinister purpose than just providing dubious education for exorbitant prices.

The institution founded by behavioral psychologist Thomas Godolkin in 1965 is actually used to study Supers, their abilities and weaknesses, which explains the Forest laboratories just below the college.

Victoria Neuman’s real powers

One of the most interesting revelations in Gen V is about Victoria Neuman, the intriguing character from The Boys who is currently running for vice president in the series’ universe.

When talking to Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair), Neuman reveals that she has the same ability as the protagonist: control blood. In fact, before that we see Marie exploding other parts of people with effects very similar to those of politics, but without leaving her eyes completely white.

Captain Patria will be tried for his crimes

At the end of the third season of The Boys, we see Homelander killing an unarmed civilian on camera who had provoked him – but being acclaimed for it and winning even more fans.

During her participation, Victoria Neuman also reveals that Super will be criminally tried for the murderwhich should probably be one of the villain’s plots in the next season of The Boys.

Make America Supe Again

Gen V also serves to show the politically polarized environment of this universe, with a group of Supers supporting Homelander’s actions and creating a discourse that those with powers are better than humans.

With several visual similarities to Donald Trump’s election campaign, including the red caps, Gen V suggests that we could see Homelander running to become President of the USA soon.

Most Supers are influencers

In Gen V we discover that at God U, the largest university for young people with powers in this universe, very few characters are chosen for heroism classes, as they do not fit the profile desired by Vought and the institution.

In this way, most Supers end up not developing their powers, whether in a more offensive way or with other uses, and use them only to be better actors and influencers in Performing Arts classes.

A virus that can kill Supers

In one of the main plots of Gen V We follow Dean Indira Shetty (Shelley Conn) and Dr. Edison Cardosa (Marco Pigossi) working on a deadly virus that could wipe out the Supers once and for all. But after Schetty demands that the scientist make the virus even more deadly, both die.

In the end, Victoria Neuman ends up in the hands of the last copies of the virus, while Billy Bruto investigates The Forest and the dean and Dr. Carsosa’s research into the virus.

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