Pregnant woman who died in an accident was on her way to give birth: “Destroyed”


08/11/2023 20:22, updated 11/08/2023 20:22

New details have emerged about a traffic accident in Cáceres, 220 km from Cuiabá (MT). On the G1 portal, the victim’s cousin informed that she was heading to the state capital to give birth. Karolaine Vieira Magalhães Palermo, 26 years old, was 9 months pregnant and died, as well as the baby, in a collision on BR-070, in the early hours of this Wednesday (8/11).

The victim’s mother, Ivonete Vieira Magalhães Palermo, 49, also did not resist. The husband, whose identity was not revealed, remains hospitalized with head trauma and fractures. He is awaiting release to attend the wake of his son, wife and mother-in-law.

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Maria Júlia Palermo told G1 that her cousin had thrombophilia, a disease that makes pregnancy difficult, as it increases the risk of forming blood clots. “Her dream was to be a mother. Before Theo, she had two miscarriages, until she managed to carry the pregnancy,” she said.

“We are destroyed, everyone said goodbye, hoping they would come back with one more for our family. Three of them ended up leaving. This child was very wanted,” she lamented.

The accident

According to the Federal Highway Police (PRF), one of the drivers lost control of the car and entered the oncoming lane. The vehicles collided near the Paiol Settlement, in Cáceres. As a result of the crash, the car Karolaine was in broke in half and was thrown off the track.

Color image shows car in which pregnant woman killed in traffic accident was traveling - Metrópoles

She was rescued and taken to the Cáceres Regional Hospital. She lost the baby and died hours later. The victim’s mother also succumbed to her injuries and died at the scene of the accident.

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