Millions were lost and lost with Equity in Techo


Development of the party La Equidad vs. Millionaires

La Equidad approved that Millonarios had 11 in their majority with substitute players and maintained the pose of the ball and led in a dangerous way to the arch defended on this occasion by Juanito Moreno.

Millionaires were replenished in their own countryside, but in the times in which I had an attack, his shots were fired at the bow and I put it on sale with Carvajal’s note minutes before finishing the first half.

Nothing bad starting the second time, La Equidad tied the meeting through Johan Rojas and the situation for those directed by Alberto Gamero became worse When at minute 56 he was killed with 10 men after the expulsion of Joseph Arévalo.

The defense was a headache for Millonarios throughout the match and didn’t finish the scheme, but Gamero made changes in the 75th minute to give his team more balance and didn’t achieve it because Jonathan Caicedo was punished in the 82nd minute.

Millions have collapsed, but He knew that nothing was being played in the party and now he waits for his rivals to square off.

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