“You’re killing my mother!”


Armilla cannot forget the terror. The alleged sexist aggression suffered by a 47-year-old woman by her partner and in the presence of her daughter was heard in the locality for more than twenty hours afterwards. As IDEAL has informed, the victim received two blows between her head and her father’s hands from her three children. A traumatic experience that told the average girl of the couple as a witness at home, who she went to the street in search of help after this happened.

It was about 21 hours of the past Martes when the punches that the family priest gave to the mother were made. In the house was the 16-year-old young man, who abandoned the house minutes later and with visible inheritances at its ends. The teenager alerted her to those who faced her, who assisted her in ‘shock’. «We were at home and we hadn’t buried anything. We hadn’t heard any extraneous noise. Suddenly, the timbre sounded. We saw the girl very altered and with blood in her hands. She couldn’t stop saying: ‘They’re killing my mother, they’re killing my mother!'”, José, one of the inhabitants of the building, revealed.

According to the family, the young person presented “visible inheritances”, even though they were unaware that they were caused by the aggressor. These vecinos acogieron a la chica in her home and help her to cure her broken brothers. «My child was transferred to the pueblo health center. She came to her and decided to send her to the San Cecilio Clinical Hospital in Granada. We were impacted by everything that happened. In the summer I once saw the Guardia Civil alerted by a skin in the house, but we had never experienced anything like it before,” he added.

“It’s finally over!”

José and his family were not the only ones who entered into the alleged aggression ‘a posteriori’. Another woman who has not managed to reveal his identity has told this diary that she witnessed how the ham author of the punches entered a supermarket in the neighborhood with his hands stained with blood. «He found me at the establishment when I saw him arrive. He was rare and shouted ‘It’s all over!’. He then took his hands out of his pockets. They were bloodied and asked: ‘What’s wrong?’, but he didn’t say anything. He used alcohol,” he reported, although the authorities have not confirmed that he carried out this alleged attack with such an effect.

At the root of this woman’s words, I quickly understood what had just happened in the family home. «With them in sight. Sometimes we go to the supermarket or cross the street, but we don’t keep the relationship. Sé que el hombre went and came every day from work in Málaga and little more. He surprised us because you never imagine these situations,” she commented. Another testimonial was Yolanda. She is due to this establishment, she has stated to this diary that she assisted the victim after finding her inherited in her home.

«I heard a huge blow and left the store. I saw the old ones chilling when I saw her hija. Afterwards, the man stood at the door with a calm attitude. I went up with a vehicle and met the woman taken on the ground. She was conscious, full of blood, but she didn’t respond to us. We didn’t know where she had her inheritance, but we detected the seriousness of the situation and called the ambulance,” she said. The Armilla Ayuntamiento has celebrated a minute of silence as a repulsion to what happened to which cientos de vecinos han assisted.

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