A Fazenda 15: how to take the Farmer’s Test?

A Fazenda 15: how to take the Farmer’s Test?
A Fazenda 15: how to take the Farmer’s Test?
Henrique, Jaqueline and Yuri will compete in the race (photo: EDU MORAES/ RECORD TV)

A Farm 15Record’s reality show, has a new Farm formed. The pawns who are in the hot seat are: Jaquelline, Lucas, Yuri and Henrique.

Lucas Souza He was banned from the race during the formation of the farm, which took place this Tuesday (07). Therefore, Jacqueline Grohalski, Henry Martins It is Yuri Meirelles They are the pawns who will compete for the farmer’s hat, which gives them the power to escape from the spotlight and guarantee another week on the reality show.

What will the Farmer’s Test be like?

The dynamic will be a mix of luck, skill and agility, divided into four stages:

First step

Pawns will look for products represented by specific cards. They must take them to the benches.

Second stage

Participants must fit pieces into a stick structure to form the Farm’s logo.

Third stage

Pedestrians will have to answer a knowledge test.

Fourth stage

It will be defined by luck. Each pawn will choose a certain number of cards from the products that will be on their bench and reveal how many points each one will be worth.

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