VALORANT | Saadhak explains qck’s choice in LOUD and player comments: ‘It was me’

VALORANT | Saadhak explains qck’s choice in LOUD and player comments: ‘It was me’
VALORANT | Saadhak explains qck’s choice in LOUD and player comments: ‘It was me’

Last weekend, fans of LOUD finally discovered the new name for the team VALORANT from the organization: Gabriel “qck“. One of the most popular names on the Brazilian scene, the player participated alongside Matias “Saadhak” from the Unlock Club podcast, led by the organization’s CEO, Bruno Playhardwho commented on the selection and testing of the new athlete.

Having positioned itself over the last two years as one of the main teams operating on the international stage, the spotlight on LOUD puts a lot of pressure on the players who wear the team’s shirt. According to Saadhak, knowing how to deal with this pressure was one of the factors in choosing qck.

“He [qck], like it or not, he didn’t reach the target that the Champions did, but he has already participated in the championship, he has played on the LAN and he has done a lot of things that I can be sure he won’t tilt. Who can have enough emotional control to perform well on stage. It was the first line to look for”, commented the team captain.

Acquiring large luggage during your trip to FURY, qck also became a player who worked with several different agents over the months, adapting to what his team needed. Saadhak also praised the quality of his new partner and listed this as a big positive point.

“In addition to that, it also has a variety of characters that you can play. This is very important, he is a very flexible player. One of the problems you see in Brazil is that so-and-so is very good at playing Jett, or Reyna, but then you need certain things in the competition that the player can’t give you and that’s what happens”, he observes.

Bringing a different vision to the new member

Investing in great promises with the entry of Arthur “TuyZ” and Cauan “cauanzin”, LOUD arrives in 2024 equipped with promising talents that will be further developed in the next season. Needing a name to replace Erick “quotation marks”, Saadhak says that the mentality for choosing the new player was not to bring a promise from the scenario.

“This year we brought TuyZ and cauanzin. Cauan had minimal experience, but Tutu had never left Brazil. So we maintain a very strong base, with it we don’t need to bring in a young promise, because they are the ones we picked up this year and it worked very well. We needed someone who could close our block of experience and give us the little bit we needed to win”, says the Argentine.

The new member also commented on his biggest fear during testing with LOUD: knowing what the team needed from the new member. Despite this, qck made it clear that throughout the process he sought to show who he is and be faithful to his personality.

“One of my fears about trying out was knowing what they were looking for for the team. I know my personality in the game, I’m not the guy who’s going to go in and kill 30 every game, I know how to help the team. I intend to kill 30 every game, but it won’t happen every time and I know it’s not my greatest quality”, said the player.

“I had a conversation with Less on the last day of the tryout and I said ‘I don’t know what you want because everyone who is at tryouts is asking what you are looking for and wants to be the perfect player for you’. I didn’t do that at any point during the tryout, it was me”, reveals qck.

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