Deep Nude: Know how to protect yourself

Deep Nude: Know how to protect yourself
Deep Nude: Know how to protect yourself
Deep Nude danger on social media (Pexels)

In August 2023, this Diario column published two articles, one talking about deep fakes and the other about deep nudes, given the growth in the practice of these crimes.

In November 2023, a group of 40 students from a private school in Recife reported the montage of nude photos. The case was taken to the Civil Police of Pernambuco, which will be responsible for the investigations.

Previously, in the same month, students from a traditional school

from Rio used AI to create intimate images of girls; The police are also investigating the case, so far, more than 20 victims have been identified, according to the report, those involved will be interviewed and the investigation will continue.

It is important to highlight that the use of another person’s image to carry out this type of manipulation is a crime.

Some applications currently use artificial intelligence to remove clothing from a specific person’s photo, or even to change the image in a sex video, for example, exchanging the image of the person in the video for another sent to the app, for example .

The agent causing the damage may be criminally liable, depending on the situation, it may be classified as an unauthorized record of sexual intimacy, provided for in article 216-B of the Penal Code, in the Maria da Penha Law, defamation, depending on the case, it may be classified as extortion, it is necessary to evaluate the specific case. In the civil sphere, when the perpetrator is known, the agent will respond civilly by compensating the victim with compensation, this happens when the crime was committed by a former partner.

Although anyone can fall victim to this type of fake creation, women are usually the biggest victims. In addition to the great psychological and emotional shock of seeing one’s own face in an image or video that exposes supposed nudity that does not match reality, it is still difficult to justify the fact, as many people are not even aware of the existence of this possibility.

Whoever creates this type of deep nude possibly intends to cause harm and undermine the honor of their target. However, there are those who say that they created it with an interest in “fun”, as the obvious needs to be said, such a practice cannot be considered fun, it is illegal conduct, and the person will even be held responsible for it.

Depending on the AI ​​used, the creation becomes real enough to bring countless consequences, in addition to problems and losses for the victims. This practice contributes to a hostile digital environment and is a form of violence against women.

The first application to become known was DeepNude in 2019, but it was later removed from the scene by its creator. He went public stating that he was going to stop selling it because “the world was not yet ready” for it.

In fact, the world doesn’t need this type of creation, women already have to deal with a multitude of issues involving technology and the internet, such as revenge porn, stalking, spy apps, among others, to have one more to worry about .

According to the Spanish newspaper El País, there are currently 96 apps of this type available to obtain “convincing nudes”. Anyone who uses the app to take someone’s clothes off usually wants to attack them or leak a fake image.

The damage caused is immeasurable, the victim is able to demonstrate that it is a fake image, but the exposure has already occurred. She may lose her job, have to leave college or high school, have serious problems with her parents, and/or boyfriend/husband, and depending on the inconvenience caused, she may think about taking her own life.

Therefore, do not share, disclose, comment, or expose, report! Practice empathy.

And if you were a victim, don’t lose your balance, don’t despair, it is possible to demonstrate that it was manipulation. Look for a police station, file a police report, avoid following developments on social media for the good of your mental health.

Ask for help, look for a professional in the field, be quick, register the material to ensure proof, whether online on platforms that validate, such as Verifact or OriginalMy, or at the notary’s office with a notarial act drawn up by the notary.

Assess whether it is worth speaking out publicly stating that this is manipulation by artificial intelligence, providing some information about the fact, and that you are taking the appropriate measures.

Fathers and mothers, you need to consider what is being told, no matter how difficult it may seem to understand or believe, support and stand by, don’t judge! This is the time to give strength and support.

As AI “learns” quickly, this ends up getting in the way of systems that aim to assess whether it is a fake photo or video, ending up falling behind.

However, given the damage caused to the victims, federal deputy Marcelo Álvaro Antônio (PL-MG) presented a bill that typifies the crime of “fake porn”, for cases of creation, dissemination and commercialization of nude or similar images. unauthorized sexual activity, generated by software and artificial intelligence (AI).

I reiterate that, currently, the person causing the damage can now be criminally liable.

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