Have you looked at your nails today? They can reveal a lot about your health

Have you looked at your nails today? They can reveal a lot about your health
Have you looked at your nails today? They can reveal a lot about your health

Yellow, purple, white or even bluish nails can be signs that there is something wrong with your health; know more

Have you ever paid attention to your nails? Changes in nail color can suggest a variety of health issues. Some may be benign and temporary, while others may point to more serious medical conditions.

Fungal infections, for example, can result in yellow nails. Furthermore, frequent use of nail polish, chemicals or even smoking can leave your nails with this color.

Nutritional deficiencies can lead to white nails, and blood oxygen flow issues can turn nails blue. Additionally, trauma or more serious issues, such as bacterial infections or even some types of cancer, can result in purple or black nails.

Therefore, it is important to take care of your nails correctly, in addition to paying attention to their appearance. To achieve this, hygiene practices and trying to avoid injuries, in addition to a balanced diet, are essential.

But remember: although your nails can provide clues about your health, only a doctor can evaluate and make a diagnosis. If in doubt, consult a specialist.

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Ingrown toenails

Another common problem is ingrown toenails. They usually occur as a result of inadequate cuts, trauma and tight shoes, but they can also occur due to the natural shape of the nail. And then comes the discomfort: symptoms include pain, redness, swelling and sensitivity in the affected area, which can lead to more serious infections.

Home treatment with immersion in warm salt water, antibiotic creams and comfortable shoes can be effective in mild cases. However, in serious or recurring situations, intervention by a surgeon is the best option.

When an ingrown toenail results in persistent infection or severe pain, seeking medical assistance is essential. Depending on the situation, procedures such as partial or total removal of the ingrown toenail and the application of special bandages may be necessary to correct the condition. In these cases, trying to treat the ingrown toenail at home can worsen the situation, and medical advice is the safest approach.

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