Kombi falls in accident with Fox in Prado Velho


Per Band B Published 11/08/2023 to the 07:51

A Kombi overturned in an accident with a Fox on Tuesday night (7), in the Prado Velho neighborhood, in Curitiba. Despite the scare, two people suffered minor injuries. One of the drivers ran a red light, but it was not possible to determine which one.

Photo: Banda B.

The accident happened at the intersection of Comendador Roseira and João Negrão streets. The report from Band B found that the Kombi driver was traveling along Comendador Roseira, and the Fox was traveling along Rua João Negrão.

At the intersection, where there is a traffic light, one of the drivers ended up puncturing, and there was an accident. The van went out of control and tipped over. The firefighters even sent a truck to help with the rescue, but everyone was fine.

“Upon our arrival, two victims outside the vehicle were conscious and oriented, with minor injuries. They were fine. They were treated in an ambulance, but there was no need for them to be transported to the hospital.”

said Sub-Lieutenant Batista, from the fire department.

Photo: Banda B.

At the scene, it was not clear which of the drivers had run the traffic light. This was not even said to the firefighters.

“No one spoke, but certainly one of them ran a red light. That moment of distraction, when you see it goes red and the accident happens. We deal with a lot of similar incidents, such as someone breaking a traffic light.”

commented the fire sub-lieutenant.

A team from the Military Police Traffic Battalion (BPTran) registered a police report. It was up to the police to find out who, in fact, broke the signal.

Photo: Banda B.

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