Tense aspect can cause disruption and uncertainty from today (08/11/2023)

Tense aspect can cause disruption and uncertainty from today (08/11/2023)
Tense aspect can cause disruption and uncertainty from today (08/11/2023)

Tense appearance can cause disorders

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From this Wednesday (08) until next Monday (13), we have a tense aspect that can cause disruption and uncertainty: the square between Mercury and Saturn.

Mercurythe planet of communication and intellect, rules our minds and the way we process information on a daily basis. Saturnin turn, represents discipline, structure and responsibility.

When these two planets square, they create fertile ground for challenges and conflicts. Below, we explain better how this tense aspect can cause problems.

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What this tense aspect could mean

Setbacks in everyday life

One of the areas affected by this square is everyday life. During this period, it is common to face setbacks, slowdowns and obstacles in your routine. Problems with traffic or technology – such as a system crashing while working – may arise. Furthermore, the work can be more expensive to do well.

Challenges in communication

Furthermore, challenges in interpersonal communication may arise. Which requires even more patience and the ability to wait while we overcome these obstacles.

Mental pressure and pessimism

Mercury square Saturn can also affect our mental state. Excessive worries and pessimism may become more present. News that worries us, criticism or demands may seem more intense than usual.

What to do in the face of this?

The keyword is calm. Faced with the challenges presented by the square of Mercury and Saturn, we need to be patient and more carefully evaluate the consequences of our actions and words.

Resisting impulsiveness and haste is essential to avoid conflicts and make more considered decisions while things are hectic.

In these moments, meditation is an excellent ally to alleviate suffering and help bring the necessary distance.

Furthermore, it is worth remembering that other planets are transiting and interacting with your Birth Chart. So, to see specific tips for you, see the Personalized Horoscope here.

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