Hearing in the case of assault on actor Victor Meyniel will resume today; remember the case


The defense of Yuri de Moura Alexandre, who attacked actor Victor Meyniel, asked for the accused’s preventive detention to be revokedPhoto: Reproduction/Instagram/victorrmeynie

This Wednesday, the 8th, the 27th Criminal Court of Rio de Janeiro will resume the hearing of the assault case against actor Victor Meyniel. The session opened this Tuesday, 7th, and was interrupted at around 9pm, when the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ) and the prosecution argued that the defendant Yuri de Moura Alexandre, accused of bodily harm and insult due to homophobia, respond freely.

Homophobia is a crime in Brazil; understand your rights Homophobia is a crime in Brazil; understand your rights

At this Wednesday’s hearing, judge Flávio Itabaiana must decide whether Yuri’s arrest will be revoked and whether the accused should wear an ankle bracelet. On the first day of the case trial, Victor Meyniel and eight other witnesses testified, and the accused was questioned.

Yuri’s defense then asked for the accused’s preventive detention to be revoked. The MPRJ, which was in favor, determined that precautionary measures be imposed on the accused. The actor’s lawyer agreed with the MPRJ.

Doorman Gilmar was charged with failure to provide assistance for failing to help the victim of the attacks. In October, the criminal settlement of the doorman’s case took place, a benefit offered by the Public Ministry and accepted by the Court.

In the criminal transaction, the Public Prosecutor’s Office proposes an agreement to the accused, who agrees to the application of a restrictive sentence or fine and, as a result, the case is closed. Gilmar will have to pay R$1,320 in four monthly installments, of R$330 to the National Cancer Institute (Inca).

The case

On September 2, Victor Meyniel was attacked by medical student Yuri de Moura Alexandre in a building in Copacabana, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. They met at the Fosfobox nightclub and then went to Yuri’s apartment.

In the apartment, Yuri’s behavior changed after his friend arrived, according to Meyniel’s testimony. “It seems like he turned a key, kicked me out, pushed me. And then he pushed me, as I wasn’t wearing any shoes, because I took them off to stay on the sofa, I was on the floor, he pushed me, went and threw the shoe [em mim]”, he said.

They went down to the lobby and argued before the attacks. The moment was recorded by the building’s security cameras. Yuri punched Victor, who was lying on the ground. The actor tried to defend himself, but the attacker did not stop. The doorman observed the attacks.

A resident called the police and Victor Meyniel was rescued. Yuri de Moura Alexandre faces 2 to 5 years in prison for bodily harm and homophobic insult.

Bodily injury and insult due to homophobia

The Federal Supreme Court determined, this year, that acts of homophobia and transphobia be classified as a crime of racial insult. The crimes of racism and racial insult are non-bailable and do not expire, and carry a sentence of two to five years in prison.

The crime of bodily injury is provided for in article 129 of the Penal Code and can carry up to five years in prison, depending on the type of bodily injury.

LGBTphobia is a crime. Find out how to report -


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