Nuns who are Flamengo fans go to games and show faith in the title: “You have to believe” | Flamengo

Nuns who are Flamengo fans go to games and show faith in the title: “You have to believe” | Flamengo
Nuns who are Flamengo fans go to games and show faith in the title: “You have to believe” | Flamengo

“Calling someone to perform a certain function” is what one of the definitions of vocation in the dictionary says. The religious vocation has always been present in the lives of Sisters Ana and Kamilla, who live and work in a hotel-residence for the elderly, while the vocation of being Flamengo fans appeared little by little during their lives in Rio de Janeiro.

Meet the nuns who are Flamengo fans and attend Maracanã

Sister Ana, 64 years old, is from Minas Gerais and has lived in Cidade Maravilhosa for almost seven years when she moved to coordinate the nursing home in Tijuca. Even with red-black relatives in the family, Flamengo was not a present part of the nun’s life, whose passion was truly awakened in 2019 with the arrival of Gabigol – whom she treats as the “pivot” of everything.

– What caught my attention was when Gabigol arrived at Flamengo. This caught my attention a lot. He was talked about every day. As I watched a lot of the news, I became more interested. I started watching the game. I became excited, mainly because of the joy that Flamengo is. Flamengo is just a joy. These are people who are happy out of nowhere. It’s just joy. That enchanted me. I watched the games and enjoyed them more and more – I told the gebefore continuing:

1 of 1 Sister Ana and Sister Kamilla present at Maracanã to watch the Flamengo game — Photo: Reproduction
Sister Ana and Sister Kamilla present at Maracanã to watch the Flamengo game — Photo: Reproduction

– Gabigol was the pivot of everything. He has a lot of charisma. This charisma erases any strong personality. This is part of it, this is his, this is his person. How many people love him? Gabigol is very loved, as are others, but he is very loved. The children make his gesture – he concluded.

If Sister Ana’s passion has a reason, Sister Kamilla’s life was no different. The 24-year-old was raised in a cradle of passionate red and black people there in Piauí. It was through her family that Flamengo became present in Kamilla’s life, but it was because of her religious vocation that she became closer to this passion.

Nuns celebrate Flamengo’s goal at Maracanã

Just over five years ago, Kamilla moved to Rio de Janeiro to fulfill her religious vocation and lived for much of this time in Araruama, in the Lakes Region. It has only been four months since the young woman has been helping Sister Ana at the nursing home in Tijuca and it was at this moment that Flamengo became constant.

– I knew I was a Flamengo fan and passionate about Flamengo. But I never imagined that one day I would go to Maracanã. Sister Ana invited me and I already knew she was a Flamengo fan. But I also never imagined that one day I would go with her to Maracanã, being able to celebrate together. And she went, invited me, and of course I would never refuse an invitation like that – Sister Kamilla told ge and continued:

– It was inexplicable. Just getting in there with a bunch of people. The first one I went to was Flamengo and São Paulo (for Brasileirão). We couldn’t raise our arms because they were looking at us. I can’t stay quiet in the game. I put my hand on my head, pat my leg, hold the medal. It’s too much emotion. At the time of the goal, I don’t even know how to explain it, what’s in my hand flies – he concluded.

“There’s room for everything when you love” This is what Sister Ana said, who fits Flamengo into the routine that starts early, around 5am, just before the first prayer of the day alongside Sister Kamilla. If they are not at Maracanã, they are facing the television and, if their routine is busy, their cell phone is nearby to follow the progress of the match.

But what the sisters really like is being in the stands, where they feel increasingly part of the fans.

– I fell in love watching the children with their parents, they were crying children cheering with their parents. Seeing the fans singing gives something to the heart. Only a Flamengo fan can understand what it’s like to be at Maracanã on game day. I really turned red and black and I’m a normal fan, I paraded with a flag and everything for Flamengo and Vasco. I am a person of God who can be present in all environments – commented Ana.

Until the end of the Brasileirão, Flamengo has five games at Maracanã (Palmeiras, Fluminense, Bragantino, Atlético-MG and Cuiabá) and one objective: direct classification to the Libertadores. The marathon starts this Wednesday night. Mathematically, the dream of the title still exists and Sister Ana is one of those red-and-black people who clings to her chances.

– You can still win (the title). You have to believe. You have to have hope. It helps. We have to believe until the last moment. It won’t be an easy game (against Palmeiras). But there is everything to win and emerge victorious. I believe. Flamengo is capable of winning them all (the games at Maracanã). We have good players – said Ana, before Kamilla added:

– The players also have to believe. Just the fans are not enough. They have to do their part to look for it. You have to fight. You have to take risks.

Flamengo faces Palmeiras, at 9:30 pm (Brasília time), at Maracanã, in the 33rd round of the Brasileirão. Rubro-Negro has 53 points in the table, six behind leader Botafogo.

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