The best cities in SC to live after age 60 in 2023


Santa Catarina appears prominently in the Longevity Index (IDL) 2023, which evaluated, for the first time, the quality of life for people aged 60 or over in all 5,570 Brazilian municipalities. Cities were classified as small (up to 34 thousand inhabitants), medium (up to 100 thousand inhabitants) and large.

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Among the large cities, Florianópolis appeared as the fourth best in Brazil to live after the age of 60. The leader was São Caetano do Sul, in São Paulo. The top 20 in this category is made up of four other municipalities in Santa Catarina.

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4th – Florianópolis (Photo: Canva)

Camboriú bathhouse

8th – Balneário Camboriú (Photo: Canva)

South jaragua

11th – Jaraguá do Sul (Photo: Canva)

itajai 2

13th – Itajaí (Photo: Canva)


20th – Blumenau (Photo: Canva)

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Among the medium-sized cities, the highlight in Santa Catarina was São Miguel do Oeste, which came in third place. The municipality stood out for its good results, mainly in the Health dimension. It ranked 25th due to the low number of deaths in the elderly due to circulatory diseases and 45th place in deaths due to metabolic and nutritional diseases.

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The top 20 in the medium-sized cities category is made up of three other municipalities in Santa Catarina: Concórdia (5th), Itapema (12th) and Timbó (19th).

Small towns in SC

Santa Catarina dominated the ranking of small cities, with seven municipalities. In first place was Peritiba, in the west of Santa Catarina.

With the 33rd largest elderly population in the country, the municipality stood out mainly in the Health dimension, with a score of 86.15. The city is the 28th with the highest number of beds and the 56th with the highest number of hospital procedures. In Economics, the score was 75.38, and Socio-Environmental was 58.49.

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National ranking

Best big cities in Brazil

  1. São Caetano do Sul/SP
  2. Vitória/ES
  3. Santos/SP
  4. Florianópolis/SC
  5. Curitiba/PR
  6. Botucatu/SP
  7. Jundiaí/SP
  8. Balneário Camboriú/SC
  9. Londrina/PR
  10. Marília/SP
  11. Jaraguá do Sul/SC
  12. Belo Horizonte/MG
  13. Itajaí/SC
  14. Vila Velha/ES
  15. Colatina/ES
  16. Caraguatatuba/SP
  17. Passo Fundo/RS
  18. Americana/SP
  19. Itabira/MG
  20. Blumenau/SC

Best mid-sized cities

  1. São Lourenço/MG
  2. Gramado/RS
  3. São Miguel do Oeste/SC
  4. Adamantina/SP
  5. Concordia/SC
  6. Garibaldi/RS
  7. Cornélio Procópio/PR
  8. Torres/RS
  9. Amparo/SP
  10. Lins/SP

Best small cities

  1. Peritiba/SC
  2. Rodeio Bonito/RS
  3. Dois Lajeados/RS
  4. Tunápolis/SC
  5. Lacerdopolis/SC
  6. Arroio Trinta/SC
  7. São Martinho/SC
  8. Caxambu do Sul/SC
  9. Lajeado Grande/SC
  10. Boa Vista do Buricá/RS

Longevity Index 2023

In its first edition, launched in 2017, the Longevity Index evaluated 498 Brazilian municipalities. In 2020, in its second edition, the number of municipalities evaluated increased to 876. In 2023, the IDL evaluated all Brazilian municipalities for the first time.

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The general composition of the rankings is based on three variables: Economy, Socio-environmental and Health. In each variable, 23 indicators are analyzed. Data were collected from public bodies, such as INSS, IBGE, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance and National Treasury.

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