Man is killed, dismembered and body placed in an old refrigerator on Saturday (4) in Itapecuru Mirim


The Military Police of Itapecuru Mirim, through the Tactical Force, arrested the murder suspect in the municipality this past Saturday (4).

According to the information, the victim identified as Antônio Vieira da Conceição, aged 25, was from the municipality of Vargem Grande and currently lived in Itapecuru Mirim, in the Vinagre neighborhood.

Family members called the police reporting that the victim was missing and that a head had been found inside a backpack in the Isabel Mendes housing complex, which could be that of the missing person. The Tactical Force team went to check and after indicating the possible perpetrator, carried out a police raid, arresting the suspect who tried to flee the scene, but confessed to the murder.

At the scene, 3 garruncha, a 36 round ammunition, the victim’s bicycle stained with blood, a burlap bag stained with blood, a machete and a place on fire were found. The author reported that the decapitated body was in a reservoir nearby. When the police arrived there, they identified human remains dismembered into pieces inside an old refrigerator. Soon after, the police were informed by the confessed defendant that the head was inside a backpack in the Lago Encantado neighborhood.

According to the Police, the author declared that the motivation for the crime was the fact that, according to him, the victim was “taking the author’s idea” (information) to another rival criminal faction. The prisoner was taken to the 2nd Regional Civil Police Station for legal action.

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