Jade Picon moves with video alongside her 94-year-old grandmother: ‘Time flies’ | Celebrities


Nothing better than a grandmother’s lap! On Saturday night, Jade Picon showed a video that moved her followers alongside her grandmother Dora. The two appear talking, and the influencer looks at her with great affection and the two hug for a long time.

“Today with my grandmother Dora, who turns 94 tomorrow ❤️ time flies… may we not leave anything for later and love those who love us”, captioned the actress in the caption of the publication on her social network on Saturday.

Internet users and Jade’s friends were moved by the cute moment for generations. “What a beautiful video!!!! I got emotional along with it”, wrote Gabriela Versiani. “Once I told my grandma a joke, and she laughed so hard, she couldn’t breathe, I was afraid she was going to get sick lol that’s my best memory of her❤️ only God knows how much I miss my little girl”, recalled one follower. “Beautiful,” wrote Vivi.

Moving to Rio

Jade Picon has a lot to celebrate this year! In addition to having starred in the soap opera “Travessia”, the influencer also said that she is radiant since she moved to Rio de Janeiro and now lives closer to the sea.

In an Instagram story published this Tuesday (31), she published a photo showing the blue sky combining with the sea and wrote: “Uffff, I can’t get enough of saying how happy I am here! I feel the same as when I was a child and I went to the beach with my family… What a wonderful thing.”

She is also more focused on having a healthy routine. The influencer said that she wants to go out very little to wake up earlier at the weekend and stay focused on work and her physical exercises.

Jade also commented that in the month of October she only went out twice, but she also enjoyed it a lot and came out “well”. She stated that at the end of the year she wants to pay more attention to work and that she is on her way to training, even on Sunday.

Jade Picon shares that she has been going out less

The actress also showed the results of the exercise with a defined abdomen. Look:

Jade Picon shows training results



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