TV pioneer in Brazil, actress Lolita Rodrigues dies aged 94


The artist was admitted to Hospital Nossa Senhora das Neves, in João Pessoa, due to pneumonia

Actress, singer and presenter Lolita Rodrigues died in the early hours of this Sunday (November 5, 2023) at the age of 94, in João Pessoa. One of the pioneers of TV in Brazil, she was admitted to Hospital Nossa Senhora das Neves due to pneumonia.

According to the news portal g1the artist’s daughter, doctor Silvia Rodrigues, announced that the actress’s body will be cremated in a ceremony restricted to family members on Monday (Nov 6).

Despite her stage name “Lolita”, the artist was called Sylvia Gonçalves Rodrigues Leite. From a family of Spanish immigrants, she was born on the coast of São Paulo, in Santos, on March 10, 1929.

His career began in 1939, at the age of 10, when he participated in radio soap operas on Radio Record. It also appeared on the radio Girl Scouts, Culture It is Tupi. On television, she sang the anthem made for the inauguration of the TV Tupiin September 1950.

At Rede GloboIn the 2000s, Lolita participated in the comedy program “Zorra Total”, in addition to having staged the soap operas “Pé na Jaca” and “Viver a Vida”, in 2006 and 2009, respectively.

Despite not being related to her work as an artist, one of Lolita’s biggest appearances was in an interview with “Programa do Jô”, alongside her friends Nair Bello and Hebe Camargo. The interview is remembered as one of the most iconic moments of the program by presenter Jô Soares, who died in 2022.

After deciding to retire, he moved to João Pessoa, capital of Paraíba, where he lived with his daughter.

On social media, friends, artists and presenters mourned Lolita’s death. Read the tributes below:

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