Almost 4 million candidates take their first Enem exams today


The search for a place at a public university, the expectation of enrolling in a new course and resuming studies are among the expectations of the 3.9 million candidates taking the National Secondary Education Examination (Enem) 2023 this Sunday (5) . The assessment lasts five hours and 30 minutes for the language and human sciences tests, in addition to writing.65f36411d6.jpg

The gates to the test sites opened at 12pm, Brasília time, and will close soon, promptly, at 1pm. After this time, late candidates will be prevented from taking the test.

Victória Roberta Monteiro Viana, 19 years old, was the second candidate to arrive at the Centro Universitário de Brasília (Uniceub), a private higher education institution, in Brasília, to take the tests this Sunday. It’s her third time. “I finished high school last year and I’m persisting to increase my grade. I want a place in medicine at UnB [Universidade de Brasília]”, account.

But she recognizes that she didn’t prepare very well. “I came knowing that my preparation wasn’t exactly the best. I didn’t have enough time to prepare and I also don’t have enough resources, I don’t have access to courses. I came from public school”, reports the young woman. She made sure to arrive early. “Losing time would still be very bad. I always prefer to get ahead.”

On this first day of the tests, those registered must go to the exam location, identified on the Registration Confirmation Card, available on the Participant Page, of the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep), organizer of Enem. Although it is not mandatory, Inep recommends taking it with you, to make it easier to identify the location and room where the candidate will take the tests.

Candidate Maria de Fátima da Silva, 62, resident of the city of Planaltinha, arrived at 10:20 am at the place where she will take the test. It’s the second Enem of her life. Maria de Fátima has plenty of reasons to continue studying after retiring. “Firstly, because I really like studying. Secondly, because it’s a way for my neurons not to stop working. And finally, I need to study to make my childhood dreams come true. And now I’ve stopped working, I’m free, to go to college for political science.”

Student Luiz Felipe da Silva Nogueira Lopes, aged 20, takes the Enem for the first time. The young man arrived at the teaching unit where he will take the exam at 9:40 am, brought by his father, brother, cousin and sister-in-law who came to calm him down. Luiz Felipe said, even though he was prepared, he was very nervous. “I believe it will be a complicated race, but it will not be impossible. And for the editorial team, I think it will be a rural theme, such as agricultural production in Brazil. I trained to write essays. At school, I prepared myself with extra classes, in the opposite shift.”

Luiz Felipe’s father, public servant Inácio Macedo da Costa da Silva, preferred to bring his son rather than let him come by public transport. “As we live far away and he doesn’t know much about here, I had to come and teach him.” The father is confident in his son’s performance. “Dad’s heart is racing a little, but he’s confident in his ability, because he’s a good student. I believe everything will be fine. After the test, he turns around. I’ve already taught him where to catch the bus back,” he says. the father who has completed primary education.

Second year high school student João Pedro Muniz, aged 17, came as a coach for the second time. He arrived early because he lives 80 kilometers from the race site, in Formosa (GO). “I came early to disperse my nervousness a little. And, as a trainer, I think I’ll be more aware of what to expect from Enem, I’ll have a better basis for knowing what to study and I’ll have greater peace of mind when taking the test, when it’s for real.”

Rio de Janeiro

The movement at the end of the morning was also great at the Veiga de Almeida University, in the north of Rio de Janeiro. Kayenne Ferreira Leite left Recreio dos Bandeirantes early to take the test. She dreams of a place at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) or the State University of Rio de Janeiro (Uerj). “I studied through YouTube video classes, the Enem repertoire and I also studied a lot through websites which offered ready-made repertoires of subjects. I really studied what I have difficulty with: mathematics and physics. The essay is not a difficulty, but I also focused a little, because it is an area that will guarantee you a lot of points, if you are good at it.”

Candidate Aloizio Aguiar left Irajá and had no difficulties with public transport to get to Tijuca. “Weekends are calmer,” he said. He is a real estate agent, already studying history at Universidade Estácio de Sá and says he takes the tests every year to check his level. “I intend to go into law, but only when I graduate in history,” he told Brazil Agency.

Student Mariana da Silva Andrade arrived at the test site, in Tijuca, shortly before 10am. She is already studying nursing at Estácio de Sá University and says she is nervous for the test. “My expectations are good, but I’m very anxious. I want to get a grade, a super grade so I can change courses. I want to do medicine.”


Enem is considered the main gateway to national higher education institutions and in Portugal and takes place in the 27 units of the federation, on two consecutive Sundays (5th and 12th November). The Enem result is used for admission to public universities, through the Unified Selection System (Sisu) or for scholarships at private universities through the University for All Program (Prouni). The exam is also used to access the Student Financing Fund (Fies), from the Ministry of Education (MEC). This is the government program that finances tuition fees at private institutions in Brazil and Portugal.

The majority of Enem candidates (more than 1.8 million) have already completed high school (48.2%), while 1.4 million applicants are expected to complete the segment in 2023 (35.6%). There are also students who have not yet completed high school and participate as trainers, with the aim of testing their knowledge.

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