Celebrities mourn the death of actress Lolita Rodrigues

Celebrities mourn the death of actress Lolita Rodrigues
Celebrities mourn the death of actress Lolita Rodrigues

On social media, friends and fans remembered Lolita’s friendship with Hebe and Nair Bello

5 Nov
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The death of Sylvia Gonçalves Rodrigues Leite, More known as Lolita Rodrigues, had repercussions on social media. Friends, celebrities and family members published loving messages after the death of the presenter and actress. Many remembered Lolita’s friendship with Nair Bello It is Hebe Camargo.


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The actress Tassia Camargo remembered the trio’s friendship. On social media, she wrote: “It really isn’t possible anymore here. A friend told me that my great friend and actress Lolita Rodrigues had left. There are so many losses in my story that, if I go, as long as I’m lucky enough to go without pain, it would be a relief. A great woman leaves and leaves behind so many stories. Working with Lolita, Nair Belo and Hebe was very special. Today they come together. Hebe and Nair will certainly say: It took a while, huh!. My condolences to their family, mutual friends and fans. Rest, dear, and enjoy this other plan, it’s no longer possible here. See you soon.”

In his biography, signed by Eliana Castrofrom 2008, Lolita stated: “I’m not an interesting person. I have nothing to tell. I’m just like everyone else. I don’t have a maid. I take care of my things myself. A cleaning lady is enough for me. I’m very simple. Home cooking It’s frozen. I love watching TV. Especially Spanish-language channels, because I’m the daughter of immigrants.” A Lolita’s last novel was Live life (Globo, 2009), like Noêmia. Nair lived in João Pessoa, Paraíba, with his daughter. She was admitted to a private hospital and succumbed to pneumonia.

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