Italian police arrest woman for deaths of her 2 infant children

Italian police arrest woman for deaths of her 2 infant children
Italian police arrest woman for deaths of her 2 infant children



05/11/2023 – 11:01

BERGAMO, NOV 5 (ANSA) – A 27-year-old girl from Bergamo, Monia Bortolotti, was arrested this Saturday (4) by the Bergamo Carabiniers on charges of having suffocated her two newborn children to death.

The crimes happened about a year apart. The first, on November 15, 2021, against Alice, when the child was four months old. The second, on October 25, 2022, when Mattia was two months old.

Initially, Alice’s death was considered accidental. The woman herself called for help and the doctor found signs of reflux in the child’s lungs.

The similar death of the second baby, however, triggered an investigation.

In both cases, the mother, a woman born in India and adopted from Italy at the age of one, was alone with the children while her partner was at work.

An autopsy on Mattia’s body revealed that the cause of death was acute mechanical asphyxia due to chest compression. According to investigators, the suffocation was achieved “through a voluntary action, which had the objective of causing the child’s death”.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office also ordered the girl’s body to be exhumed, but examination was not possible.

Testimonies from doctors, family, friends and experts also pointed to signs of the woman’s guilt, as well as contradictory statements made by her.

Investigators believe that the woman committed the crimes using a pillow, and that the motivation was “the inability to bear prolonged crying”.

This Sunday (5), the newspaper Corriere della Sera showed publications made by the woman in Facebook groups about raising awareness about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

“I always said that I wouldn’t be able to survive if my second son left me too… And it was true, I continued on just to protect the immense love I feel for my children from the Public Prosecutor’s Office’s accusations, because my children were treated like jewels, They were perfect, they were the joy I had been looking for all my life.”

Another publication talks about the end of the relationship with a partner: “For me, love means being by someone’s side in good times and bad, but not everyone is capable or willing to do that.”

“The guilt of not having done enough for my children, of not being able to save them, is destroying me. I should have been accompanied to an appointment that morning and instead I thought about going alone because as always, I worried about disturbing anyone,” she reported in another post. (ANSA).

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