Death of businessman, confusion with motorcycle couriers and accident…


SÃO LUÍS – See a summary of the main news shown here on over the last week, from October 29th to November 4th.

Sunday (29)

In the early hours of Sunday (29), at the age of 66, businessman Zé Iran died. He gained recognition in the gastronomic scene in São Luís, leaving his mark at the Kitaro, AKA and Azu restaurants.

The businessman was admitted to a hospital in SL with a serious hernia problem.

According to preliminary information, Zé Iran was hospitalized after experiencing severe abdominal pain last week. When he was admitted to a private hospital in São Luís, it was discovered that the businessman had a serious hernia problem.

Monday (30)

A group of motorcycle couriers threw stones at a man’s residence, in the Calhau neighborhood, in São Luís. The images were shared on social media.

Motoboys throw stones at the house of a customer suspected of attacking a delivery man.

According to the Maranhão Federation of Motorcycle Taxi Drivers and Motor Freight Drivers (Fessimoto), the incident happened after one of the delivery drivers was attacked by the owner of the house after refusing to store the man’s order in a freezer, which led to an argument between the two. The health status of the motorcycle courier, who suffered a head injury, is still unknown.

Upon learning of the situation, the group of motorcycle couriers gathered in front of the residence where the incident took place and began throwing stones at the property.

Tuesday (31)

Luciana Paula Figueiredo, caught trying to kill her own mother, Ana Benedita Figueiredo, aged 68, in January 2020, was sentenced, this Tuesday (31), to 19 years and one month in prison. The crime took place inside Carlos Macieira Hospital, in São Luís, where the victim was admitted.

Lucina must respond to the sentence in a closed regime. (Photo: Josy Lord)

Luciana Paula Figueiredo was taken to the popular jury in a session held at the 1st Jury Court of São Luís, at Forum Des. Sarney Costa, in Calhau. After the jurors voted, judge Gilberto de Moura Lima read the sentence that condemned the accused. She must respond to the sentence in a closed regime.

Wednesday (1st)

A motorcyclist died in a serious accident on Wednesday morning (1st), on Avenida Carlos Cunha, in the Jaracati neighborhood, in the capital.

Accident at Carlos Cunha, in Jaracati. (Photo: Reproduction)

The motorcyclist tried to overtake, lost control of the vehicle, was hit by a bus on the Cohatrac/Bandeira Tribuzzi line and died at the scene, according to information from the Municipal Department of Traffic and Transport (SMTT).

Thursday (2)

Three bets made in Maranhão matched five of the six dozen drawn in this Wednesday’s (1st) Mega-Sena contest and, together, earned R$ 176,437.04. Bets were placed in Imperatriz, Pedreiras and Santa Inês.

The numbers drawn were: 06 – 2335363759.

Simple bet costs R$5.

The three bets that won on the Mega-Sena corner were simple bets. The bet made in Imperatriz won R$88,218.52, while the bets made in Pedreiras and Santa Inês took home a prize of R$44,109.26.

Friday (3)

Marcos Sousa, 16, became the second Brazilian dancer, in the last 20 years, to be approved for the Paris Opera ballet school. The Maranhão native was approved in a selection process with a scholarship and will study classical ballet for the next three years, in Paris.

Marcos Sousa, 16, won a scholarship to the Paris Opera Ballet School.

The last time a Brazilian was selected for the Paris Opera Ballet School was in 2003. Founded in 1713 by Louis XIX, the institution is one of the most renowned classical dance schools in the world. The students perform at the Opera Garnier, one of Paris’ postcards as it is considered one of the masterpieces of architecture. The place inspired the work “The Phantom of the Opera”.

Saturday (4)

Sampaio Corrêa faced Tombense (MG) this Saturday (4) in the 35th round of the Brazilian Series B. The match was Dejair Ferreira’s debut as an effective coach in charge of the tricolor.

Sampaio loses to Tombense.

The duel took place at the Castelão Stadium in São Luís and Sampaio was defeated 2-1. Sampaio’s team complained about a move in the second half involving the left-back Pará.

In a play in midfield, Pará hit the opponent. Initially, the referee by Emerson Almeida (BA) signaled a yellow card. Subsequently, the referee was called by the video referee, Philip Benett, who instructed the card to change color to red, which was accepted.

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