Man sentenced to prison for lending gun in murder in Joinville

Man sentenced to prison for lending gun in murder in Joinville
Man sentenced to prison for lending gun in murder in Joinville

He will serve more than six years in a closed regime

A man was sentenced to six years, four months and 16 days in prison for criminal organization this Wednesday, 1st, in Joinville. He lent a gun to men to murder another man, identified as Alexsandro da Silva.

Understand the case

Alexandro, aged 30 at the time, was shot dead at home. The victim lived on Estrada Cubatãozinho, in the Cubatão neighborhood.

The homicide took place around 9pm on April 5, 2020. The victim was taken to emergency care by family members, but he succumbed to his injuries.

The accused lent the .380 firearm to two men who killed Alexsandro. The criminal faction, of which he is a member, ordered him to lend the weapon for the crime. In addition, he has six criminal convictions and faces other criminal charges.

Five days after the crime, the accused was arrested in the act with a firearm with a suppressed number. He also had a ballistic vest, .40 ammunition and a radio used to listen to Military Police communications. Furthermore, he had been under house arrest for less than a month.

A ballistic comparison examination was carried out between the projectiles and cases used in the homicide. It was found that the shots came from the weapon seized from the accused.

Court decision

The man was accused of qualified homicide and criminal organization. He was acquitted of the crime of murder.

The accused was convicted only of the crime of criminal organization. He will have to serve a closed prison sentence due to his criminal history. He was not granted the right to appeal freely.

In addition to serving the sentence, he will have to pay a 19-day fine. The value of the fine day was set at 1/30 of the minimum wage, currently the minimum wage is R$1,320, that is, the fine day will be R$44. In total, he will pay R$836. According to the decision of the To be fair, the value was defined due to the lack of reliable information regarding the agent’s financial conditions.

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