“It’s a shame”, says Jojo Todynho when he goes through trouble and needs urgent help

Jojo Todynho catches followers by surprise when he exposes animals in a store (Image: Reproduction – Instagram / Montage – RD1)

Jojo Todynho surprised the public that follows its social networks with a revelation last Wednesday (1). The celebrity showed that she was trying to make a purchase, but ended up going through trouble and asked for help.

In her Instagram stories, the singer said that her credit card had been declined and she was embarrassed. Still, the artist explained to her fans that she took quick action to avoid problems and called a friend.

“My card didn’t go through. Why? Because the beautiful one passes all the time. I told you, in installments we can even buy a jet”he began saying.

Soon after, Todynho joked that Renata Branco, a friend, was going to the place where everything happened. He even revealed that the store in question does not accept payment by pix, becoming a chic problem.

Jojo Todynho surprises by expressing feelings about not being able to swipe his card

Venting on social media, the singer said that she didn’t like the embarrassment she had been through at all. “Guys, it’s a shame that you have no idea. We start to feel like deadbeats.”he pointed out.

In another story, Jojo Todynho showed that her friend was already in the store to save her from that embarrassing moment. He even joked that if you have a mother, you have everything.

On the other hand, the funk singer has already been through this situation on another occasion. In August of this year, the former Fazenda was on an international vacation trip to Miami. Trying to make a purchase, the singer showed the declined notice on the machine.

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