NGO promotes act in repudiation of the murder of Palestinian children


Hundreds of people participated, in Copacabana, in the south of Rio de Janeiro, in an act in repudiation of the war in the Middle East and the murder of thousands of Palestinian children in Gaza caused by Israel.9ef3f782ee.jpgNGO-promotes-act-in-repudiation-of-the-m

The action took place on Copacabana Beach, near Avenida Princesa Isabel. There were 120 children’s shrouds, simulating their bodies, with the names of the little ones on each one and Palestinian flags.

Next to the installation, a banner with the inscription in English “WHY?”, Why? in Portuguese, with a photo by photographer Ibraheem Abu Mustafa, which shows a man holding a dead child wrapped in a blood-stained white cloth surrounded by several people crying and touching him. The demonstration ended with the symbolic burial of the victims and red roses placed on the shrouds.

The founder of the NGO Rio de Paz and organizer of the event, Antônio Carlos Costa, says he is perplexed by the means used by the two countries to deal with this conflict.

Next Tuesday (7), there will be a new demonstration on Copacabana Beach from 6am. Fourteen hundred Israeli flags with photos of people who were kidnapped by Hamas will be placed in the sand in repudiation of the terrorist group’s attitude.

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef), 3,450 children were killed in the Gaza Strip in the three and a half weeks of conflict.

Israel went to war with Gaza on October 7, following an attack by the anti-Semitic group Hamas. In retaliation, the Israeli state began attacking targets in the Gaza Strip.

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