Sheron Menezes is the target of an armed robbery and suffers a traffic accident in a matter of minutes. Find out details


Sheron Menezzes faced two extremely delicate situations in a matter of minutes: an armed robbery and a car crash. The actress, who shone as the protagonist of “Vai Na Fé”, made a strong statement to her fans this Friday (03) about what happened.

“A car closed mine in the left lane, four heavily armed men got out, wanting to take things, wanting to take the car, telling me to get out. While I was getting out, a bus – at more than 80km/h, I believe – hit the back of my car while I was being robbed”, began Sheron, who also experienced a delicate situation with a recently arrested brother.

Sheron reports that the bus driver did not see the car stopped on the street. After the incident, the robbers fled, but managed to take the actress’s belongings. “The robbers were very nervous, pointing their guns in my face, he shouted a lot that he wanted my cell phone, that he wanted my ring, he ripped it off and took the ring from my hand”, she reports.

The global woman, who has a 6-year-old son, said she was injured. “I was hurt, but it was very minor compared to what could have happened,” she stressed.


Visibly moved, Sheron also stated that she decided to share the serious story with the public with the intention of celebrating the miracles that happened in her life. “I was thinking about whether I should come here and talk to you, but I woke up with the awareness that I had experienced a miracle, so I came to tell you,” she explained.

For the artist, crime and accidents became ways of giving new meaning to her life. “I experienced something very powerful, which is you being robbed at gunpoint, and a very strong beating, and I’m here! I’m here! And I’m at home, with my family. I’m fine and I’m happy to be here. So, I wanted to share with you this great miracle that happened in my life, this blessing, this deliverance. I really feel reborn, as if I had two birthdays”, she reflected.

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