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Warren Buffett Says No To This Investment

Warren Buffett Says No To This Investment
Warren Buffett Says No To This Investment

Let’s face it — it’s never easy to decide where to invest your money. And that’s especially true when opting for “outside the box” investments like cryptocurrency, gold and diamonds.

Today’s investing landscape is more even than ever before. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or are an all-time legend like Warren Buffett, you can access investment opportunities that can yield a pretty return.

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While many investors have gone all-in on crypto investing, Buffett remains skeptical.

Do you remember when he called Bitcoin “rat poison squared” during an April 2022 shareholder meeting?

And earlier this year on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” he said “I’ve seen people do stupid things all my life,” when comparing investing in Bitcoin to gambling in Vegas.

“We’ve had an explosion of gambling, essentially,” he added. “And I like to bet on a football game — if I’m sitting and watching, it makes it more interesting. But I don’t think I want to make a living trying to bet against the house.”

While it’s clear that Buffett has his reservations about crypto investing, the tide has turned just a bit.

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Warren Buffett’s investment firm, Berkshire Hathaway, has placed a significant bet on Nu Holdings, the Brazilian fintech company behind the cryptocurrency-accepting Nubank.

This move has paid off handsomely to date, with Nu Holdings becoming one of the most lucrative stocks in his portfolio.

Is this a straight crypto play? No. However, the fact that Nubank is crypto-friendly is one of the reasons why the company has seen its profits surge by 93% since its IPO two years ago.

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If you’re in the same camp as Buffett — meaning that you have reservations about crypto investing — it’s time to turn your attention elsewhere. Gold and silver have been popular investments over the years, but diamonds are having their day in the sun.

Get this — investors own just one percent of the diamond market. This is in stark contrast to gold’s 32%, silver’s 19% and platinum’s 17%.

However, as diamond standardization progresses, these gems are positioned to rival precious metals in investment relevance.

Diamond Standard has introduced standardized coins and bars, embedding diamonds and equalizing the value within each issue. This standardization affords diamonds the fungibility of traditional assets like gold or stocks, potentially paving the way for their inclusion in commodity indices.

With only a fraction of diamonds currently held as investments, their potential listing could trigger a price surge akin to gold’s post-ETF introduction.

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