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Leonardo Gabriel “leleu777” de Lima Vieira is from Rio de Janeiro and is part of the 2010s generation, born on January 17, 2012. Despite his young age, he is the youngest to reach level 21 of the Gamers Club and this is just the beginning of the dream of becoming a professional soccer player. Counter-Strike.

I started playing Gamers Club because I saw pro players playing and I also wanted to play at a high level. One day I was killing very quickly in the warmup, I went to play Gamers Club and continued to kill a lot, so I quickly increased my level.

leleu777’s training has already taken place in the FPS genre, with his first life experience being the Battlefield 3developed by DICE and published by AND THE. The contact with Counter-Strike happened later, through the family, watching his brother and cousin play daily.

Photo: Reproduction/Personal ArchivePhoto: Reproduction/Personal Archive

The 11-year-old is a rifler and has Mirage as his favorite map. He also follows the competitive Counter-Strike scene and has Matheus “bruttJ“Queiroz, Gabriel”FalleN“Toledo and Oleksandr”s1mple” Kostyljev as main idols.

Yes, I do (dream of becoming a professional). My reaction (upon reaching level 21) was that I was on the right path to becoming a professionalI started screaming and saw that I was in a new phase.


leleu777 has the dream in mind, but is still going through the school phase. However, the focus on the game has not hindered him during his studies. “I do very well at school, I get good grades and the game doesn’t interfere with my routine at all.“.

A DRAFT5 also talked to his brother, Yuri Vieira, who spoke about how the family sees leleu777’s relationship with the game, which receives massive support. More than that, they have already had conversations about the subject and even about the toxicity that surrounds the online gaming environment.

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The relationship is very good. (The parents) fully support and are not afraid, they have already seen people close to them become professionals, including in CS:GO. We follow and talk to him a lot about this (toxicity), nowadays he knows how to deal with it very well.


The next example, cited by Yuri, was Matheus “bruttJ” Queiroz. Revealed by Reapers in 2019, bruttJ was considered one of the AWPers most promising in Brazil and attracted the attention of Imperial, who hired him in November of that year. A few weeks later, bruttJ became ill and ended up being hospitalized, passing away at the age of 19 on December 15, 2019, in Rio de Janeiro.

We were personal friends, we knew him since he was young, I saw his entire career and a few times, while playing in some championships, he had a problem with the internet and came here to play. My brother was about 7 years old at the time, he went crazy watching him play and always dreamed of becoming a professional with him as inspiration..

Photo: Disclosure/CBCSPhoto: Disclosure/CBCS

Just like every successful Brazilian Counter-Strike player, the road to the top is arduous, with many challenges along the way. Nobody knows the result, but the hope of a better future for the country in the sport passes through an entire generation forged in the servers of the Gamers Club.

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