Early death, root samba artist… See interesting facts about Mussum, whose story is portrayed in a film | Entertainment

Early death, root samba artist… See interesting facts about Mussum, whose story is portrayed in a film | Entertainment
Early death, root samba artist… See interesting facts about Mussum, whose story is portrayed in a film | Entertainment

Since this Thursday (2), the public has the chance to see “Mussum, o filmis” in cinemas, a film that premiered this week and which portrays the life of Mussum, the eternal comedian who was known for being one of the members of “The bumblers”. But it wasn’t just in humor that the artist left his mark.

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Feature film shows the life of the musician and comedian since childhood

The film directed by Silvio Guindane shows the carioca from his childhood, with his military career, his passion for samba, his carnival soul, as well as other not so well-known curiosities. Check out five facts about Mussum’s life that few people know.

Childhood dream and military career

In the film, Mussum’s passion for football is shown. As a boy, he shared the same dream that many children his age had, which was to be a player. But when he was out of his teens, he joined the air force.

He was a corporal, considered an exemplary soldier. At the same time, he was a samba person, a rhythm he discovered when he was still young. In one of the first scenes of the film, Mussum, still a boy, climbs a wall to get the game ball and lets himself be hypnotized by the samba circle at his neighbor’s house.

When he was still in the air force, Mussum found a way to participate in music caravans, where he could show off his artistic talent.

Root samba and mangueirense with body and soul

2 of 2 Mussum, from “Os trapalhões”, died in 1994 — Photo: Arquivo/Globo
Mussum, from “Os trapalhões”, died in 1994 — Photo: Archive/Globo

With his artistic skills, he improved himself and began his career playing reco-reco in the group Os Modernos do Samba. It didn’t take long for him to found his group, Os Sete Modernos, which later came to be called Os Originais do Samba. There were 13 albums recorded with the samba group until he decided to pursue a solo career in 1978.

Estação Primeira de Mangueira also had a place in the comedian’s heart. He paraded every year, mainly in the Bahian section, of which he was the harmony director. Among those closest to him, he received the nickname Mumu da Mangueira. His love for the school was so great that, when he passed away, the association declared mourning in memory of the artist.

Early death

Mussum died prematurely, on July 29, 1994, when he was 53 years old. Although many people believe that she died from cirrhosis, he died from complications following a heart transplant. Mussum was buried in the Congonhas Cemetery, in Jardim Marajoara, in the central area of ​​São Paulo.

— Many people insist on saying that Mussum died of cirrhosis. He had a swollen heart, literally big, and died after complications from a transplant. Another unreasonable lie is that he left his family in poverty. All of the children were on a path to financial prosperity! It’s nice to be able to tell this story by correcting mistakes and giving Mussum the level of importance it deserves — said Ailton Graça, Mussum’s interpreter in the film, in an interview with EXTRA.

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