test site for the 1st phase will leave today (3)

test site for the 1st phase will leave today (3)
test site for the 1st phase will leave today (3)

O test site for the 1st phase of the 2024 Fuvest Entrance Exam will be released this Friday (3). The information can be found on the website of the University Foundation for Entrance Exams (Fuvest).

Fuvest Entrance Exam 2024

Photo: Photo – Disclosure / USP / Brasil Escola

In this year, 110,399 candidates dispute 8,147 vacancies in various undergraduate courses from the University of São Paulo (USP).

1st phase tests will be administered on the day November 19th.

Fuvest 2024 Competition

Check out the ten most popular courses at Fuvest 2024:

  1. Medicine in São Paulo: 117.7 candidates per vacancy (c/v)

  2. Medicine in Ribeirão Preto: 86.6 c/v

  3. Medicine in Bauru: 78.2 c/v

  4. Psychology in São Paulo: 62.6 c/v

  5. International relations: 51.7 c/v

  6. Psychology in Ribeirão Preto: 37.8 c/v

  7. Audio-visual: 37.7 c/v

  8. Veterinary Medicine in São Paulo: 30.5 c/v

  9. Advertising and marketing: 30.2 c/v

  10. Design: 29.6 c/v

Fuvest Entrance Exam 2024

Fuvest’s 2024 Entrance Examination has two phrases, the first with objective questions and the second with discursive questions.

Students must also write an essay. The theme of the textual production of the last edition was: “Environmental refugees and social vulnerability”.

See details about the Fuvest tests below:

1st phase Fuvest 2024

Content: Students must answer 90 objective questions in Portuguese, mathematics, history, geography, literature, English, physics, chemistry and biology.

Important: Participants who take less than 30% of the score total of the test will be eliminated from the selection process.

2nd phase Fuvest 2024


– 1st day: Test with 10 open questions in Portuguese and Writing;

– 2nd day: Test with 12 open questions from two to four specific subjects.

The subjects on the second day are defined according to the career choice. The list of disciplines according to careers is available in the Career Guide.

The article is in Portuguese

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