UFC: Charles Do Bronx says when he intends to return and considers a fight other than Makhachev

UFC: Charles Do Bronx says when he intends to return and considers a fight other than Makhachev
UFC: Charles Do Bronx says when he intends to return and considers a fight other than Makhachev

Guilherme Sacco and Gustavo FaldonNov 2, 2023, 20:56Reading: 3 min.

Charles do Bronx during the official weigh-in for UFC 289, in Vancouver, CanadaJeff Bottari/Getty Images

Charles do Bronx is ready to fight again. The Brazilian spoke to ESPN about your decision to give up the UFC 294, where he would have his revenge against Islam Makhachev for the belt in Abu Dhabi, after suffering a deep cut on his eyebrow.

In the interview, the scar was still clearly visible on Charles’ eyebrow, in the area where he was injured around 20 days ago.

“Man, I never denied any fight. Everyone here knows. I always went and fought, no matter the place. If you take all my other fights, it was always at the opponent’s house. I never ran away from any of that. So he You know, I had said this many times. I really want this. I’m ready for it. I’m happy with it. It’s going to happen, let’s make it happen. You know, I’m very close to that with him, always exchanging ideas, aligning. No There was something to do, what am I going to do? It wasn’t meant to be, it’s part of it. Now, as the man said, now we just have to go back, continue training, dedicate ourselves, wait for the moment”, said Charles.

Shortly after Makhachev’s knockout victory over Alexander Volkanovski, Dana White stated that the fight that would make the most sense for the Russian was against Do Bronx right now.

The Brazilian also said that he should return to 100% training this week and that he intends to return to the octagon at the beginning of next year. And Charles even considered a fight against Justin Gaethje for the interim belt, if Makhachev chooses to move up a category. The Russian, of Muslim religion, does not fight during Ramadan, between March and April 2024.

“I really think I should fight before that. He’s going to fight in January, February. I think this is the timing. January, February, you know? A lot of things could happen. It could also happen that he moves up a category and the UFC does an interim belt. And then I think it’s the Justin Gaethje. A lot of things can happen, this is the real thing. I want to go back to training now, next week I’ll try to start training again, but not go back to harder training, even slower. You see the cut, it’s not 100% closed to what it needs to be. Now Wednesday, I’m going to do a head scan again, see how it’s going and be able to align it 100%.”

“I want the belt, but I’m the guy who likes to stay active. If Makhachev is going to fight for the belt, moving up from 77kg, how long will it take? I’m only going to fight at the end of next year, so I’d rather fight from new, to have a fight now. An interim belt is not what we want, it’s the actual belt, for real. But that’s part of it”, said the former champion of the category.

From the Bronx, however, he doesn’t believe that Makhachev will defend the belt in Brazil.

“Man, I really wanted to fight in Brazil, but do you think he’s going to come here to Brazil and defend his title here? Never. When I was champion, I had to go there, do you think he’s going to come here ? So, it doesn’t matter the place, it doesn’t matter who the guy is. People like to pile on. ‘Ah, Islam, Islam’. No, it’s not Islam, it’s the belt. I want the belt. It doesn’t matter who He’s the champion. That’s what I want.”

“Man, we’re talking about the UFC. I’m a Zuffa employee, I do what they think is best. We’re going to sit down and we’re going to talk about numbers, about locations, we’re going to do it. But I think that’s it. . I think the fight between me and Gaethje will only happen if it’s for the interim belt or if the UFC is going to do something huge. There’s not much to say, this is the real thing. I just have to stay trained, waiting, there’s all that So for him, there’s this fight he wants to fight at 77kg, there’s Ramadan. In reality, we’ll see how he does it. Just like I talked to Diego this week. I said ‘Diego, I’m going back to training, let you, Monkey, butt heads,’ talk about numbers, that’s what’s important, let me continue training'”.

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