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Carla lived in Rio Brilhante

Shot in the head in the city of Rio Brilhante, Carla Marques Ramirez, aged 50, was confirmed brain dead by the medical team at Hospital da Vida, in Dourados, this Thursday and the family decided to donate the organs.

The suspect who fired a firearm at Carla Pedreira, as she was known, has been in prison since Tuesday. He was trying to escape when he was detained by the PRF (Federal Highway Police) on BR-163. The police are still trying to discover the motivation for the crime.

The homemade 22-caliber gun used by the suspect, identified only as Jonathan, was found on Monday. Close to where the victim was, on Rua Benjamin Constant, there was also a detonated ammunition.

The crime

On Sunday the Military Police were called and at the scene, in conversation with Carla’s neighbor, she said that she was sitting in front of the house with her 5-year-old daughter. The child fell asleep and then the woman went in to get a cigarette and heard the sound of a gunshot, ran out and saw Carla lying on the floor.

While the victim’s neighbor reported what happened, the child said “daddy shot Carlinha in the head”. The police questioned the woman about where her husband was and she said that she had been working on a farm since the 26th, but she could not say the name of the rural property. The child also said that his father leaves the gun under the mattress and sometimes in the closet.

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