Dead manager in RN was doped with 2 pills

Dead manager in RN was doped with 2 pills
Dead manager in RN was doped with 2 pills

Delegate Taís Aires, from the Homicide and Personal Protection Division (DHPP), comments on the death of a manager. Photo: Civil Police.

Delegate Taís Aires, from the Homicide and Personal Protection Division (DHPP), gave an interview this Thursday 2nd and gave details about the case in which a bank manager had been the victim of robbery in Natal, after being doped with a “ Good night, Cinderella” by two suspects. The man’s body was left without clothes.

According to the police officer, there is still no specific confirmation about the drug used during the crime, as a sample needs to be sent to identify it. However, two tablets were used.

When asked which drug was used during the crime, the suspect stated that she did not know. The material was placed in the victim’s drink. The duo also said that this is the first time they have committed the crime, but one of the women has an open police report for the same practice.

“It was from this drug that they used with the aim of doping him, he ended up starting to feel sick and they, instead of providing help, abandoned him in a random place and he ended up passing away”, he states.

According to the delegate, one of the suspects confessed to the crime during a statement given to the police and went on to undergo a forensic examination at the Rio Grande do Norte Technical Scientific Forensic Institute (Itep-RN). Another woman allegedly involved is already arrested and also confirmed the practice.

“When they were interviewed, all two confirmed that they had committed a crime, but that they did not intend to cause the victim’s death. Their intention was to drug the victim to steal their belongings,” she said.

Crime against bank manager

Civil police officers from the Homicide and Personal Protection Division (DHPP) arrested, this Thursday (02), a 27-year-old woman, investigated as one of those involved in the robbery of a 38-year-old bank manager, which occurred on the day 09/22/2023, in the Capim Macio neighborhood, South Zone of Natal. The arrest took place in the Salinas neighborhood, North Zone of Natal. The man was a victim of the “Boa Noite, Cinderela” scam and the first suspect, a 28-year-old woman, was arrested in the act on the night of the crime.

The investigations showed that in addition to the first woman arrested in the act in the neighborhood of Lagoa Nova, South Zone of Natal, there was the confirmed participation of another suspect in the crime of robbery. At the time, the victim was left completely naked and unconscious in a vacant lot in the Capim Macio neighborhood by two women who were in a white Chevrolet Onix vehicle. The investigations, by civil police officers from the DHPP, continued and this Thursday 2nd an arrest warrant was served.

The Civil Police requests that the population continues to send information, anonymously, through Hotline 181.

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