Death toll in Gaza rises to 9,061; Israel kills Hamas leaders


The total death toll in Gaza rose to 9,061 people and 32,000 others were injured, the official spokesperson for the local Ministry of Health said on Thursday (2).48d73b0aa8.jpgDeath-toll-in-Gaza-rises-to-9061-Israel-

The dead included 3,760 children and 2,326 women, the spokesman said.

At least 195 Palestinians were killed in Israeli attacks on the Jabalia refugee camp in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Hamas government’s media office said.

Around 120 were still missing under the rubble, and at least 777 were injured, the office said in a statement.

Israel said it targeted and killed Hamas leaders in the field.

The Israeli military issued a statement saying its fighter jets struck a Hamas command and control complex in Jabalia “based on accurate intelligence”, killing the head of the Islamist group’s anti-tank missile unit, Muhammad A’sar.

“Hamas deliberately builds its terrorist infrastructure under, around and within civilian buildings, intentionally endangering the civilians of Gaza,” the statement said.

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